Invests in a sentence

Definition of Invests

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of invest | plural of invest

Short Example Sentence for Invests

  • 1. That invests the skull?
  • 2. He who invests expects the yellowback.
  • 3. A membrane that invests the skull.
  • 4. A membrane that invests cartilage.
  • 5. His secret is the reality with which he invests sin.
  • 6. The savings bank invests its money.
  • 7. What is the membrane called that invests the bones?
  • 8. Meantime he saves his money, invests wisely.
  • 9. It invests him, and others quickly detect its presence.
  • 10. Anticipation invests all things with the glories of the rainbow.
  • 11. What is it about gold that invests its possessor with such instant power?
  • 12. The same sacredness that invests the latter invests also the hymn.
  • 13. It invests the whole surface of the brain, and dips into its convolutions.
  • 14. It invests the capital it has saved, and makes provision for the future.
  • 15. He very nimbly invests the Howse", and forces its defenders to surrender.
  • 16. Of flaunting ivy, that with mantle green Invests some wasted tow'r. . . .

How to use Invests in a Sentence?

  • 1. The perjurer delights in swearing, for the act invests him with the appearance of honesty.
  • 2. It not only lines these cavities, but is reflected, and invests the organs contained in them.
  • 3. When a man invests money in any species of property, he assumes the risks to which it is liable.
  • 4. It gives a brightness and grace to the home, and invests Nature with new charms.
  • 5. Then they departed, and the aegis of a holy place invests for posterity Te Puke Tapu.
  • 6. The amount of that income over and above the expenditures for family expenses, he invests as he chooses.
  • 7. It invests religious instruction with more attractions, and throws more life and power into social worship.
  • 8. At its best it strikes deep into the nature of things, has a celestial quality which invests it with awe.
  • 9. The exterior or serous coat is very tough and strong, and invests every part of this important organ.
  • 10. He who invests a shilling will not do it rashly, or without feeling convinced that value received will accrue from the risk.
  • 11. See how the eye of the poet is scanning the silent march of the heavens, and mark with what solemn music he invests the stately thought!
  • 12. Though many can discern their own true importance, a peculiar charm invests such as do not realize it, even if they are told.
  • 13. The Southerner invests his in diamonds because he likes show, and diamonds have a pretty steady market value.
  • 14. If he must needs buy boots, he takes care that he invests his money in quantity, not quality, or style.
  • 15. The other invests a like sum in firm securities, and L2,000 in another company which turns out a failure.
  • 16. To him, the refractory world is ductile and flexible; he invests dust and stones with humanity, and makes them the words of the Reason.
  • 17. Inasmuch as his transference carries a positive sign, it invests the physician with authority and is converted into faith for his communications and conceptions.
  • 18. Schumann invests it with the same importance as the acts and events themselves, and treats it melodically, so that the relief which comes from contrast is lacking.
  • 19. Meanwhile the celestial subjects of this choral adoration look down upon the scene with a tranquillity and patience which can only result from the security with which their immeasurable remoteness invests them.
  • 20. The skin is that soft and pliant membrane which invests the whole of the external surface of the body, as also the interior which is called mucous membrane.
  • 21. No sooner has he done so than the cottage is filled with a supernatural light, which invests all things with beauty, purity and a transcendent joy.
  • 22. Dread gloom invests the further wave, Whose foaming toss alone is seen, beneath The veering bowsprit.
  • 23. It is impossible to credit her with the impulse that forgets self and the world, or with the amount of ideal stupidity which invests all the nonsense of lovers with grace and naturalness.
  • 24. The fact that the husband is the legal head of the family invests him with the power of establishing his home wherever he may choose, with or without the assent of his wife.