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  • Progressive life and invigorating labor, go hand in hand.
  • Swimming is very useful and very invigorating to the health of both sexes.
  • The soft balmy air was perfumed with the invigorating fragrance of the pines.
  • Presently you will grow accustomed to its invigorating tone, and quiet down.
  • But this beverage kept them going all day, so invigorating was it.
  • A plunge every morning is stimulating, invigorating and jolly.
  • He bathed his face in cold water; it refreshed, without invigorating him.
  • And Hudson heard th' invigorating sound!

How To Use Invigorating In A Sentence?

  • But there is a second invigorating interest to which college training introduces its student.
  • Then for an invigorating gallop over the green turf, the breeze freshening as we pace along.
  • This being a very invigorating morning, however, the engine decided to take a constitutional.
  • In the first place, try to take an invigorating bath with a wet towel and rub hard.
  • I tell you he is at home wherever he smells the invigorating fragrance of Russia leather.
  • A winter morning it was indeed, splendid and invigorating after the ferocious heat of the Gulf.
  • Everybody seems to be getting along finely and to be having the most invigorating physical exercise.
  • This oxygen is the only stimulating drink we can take with lasting advantage to ourselves for the purpose of invigorating our strength.
  • A modern historian has drawn up a list of the men of mark who made the same invigorating pilgrimage.
  • The air was of that invigorating coolness that makes you think of cider in its sociable stage of incipient snappiness.
  • Whether it be beneficial or destructive, invigorating or poisoning, gradation will accomplish the end.
  • The women breathed long and deeply the invigorating odor which hangs like incense over freshly hewn wood.
  • He has laid aside for awhile the pencil and the pallette, to drink in with us the invigorating breezes of ocean.
  • He was fronting us with the unspoken superiority of the fowl on its own midden, but he had a most heart-some and invigorating glow.
  • Then, too, there was something in the invigorating winter air and bright sunshine which had given me new resistance.
  • It was an invigorating gallop back to the ranch house, and on the way the chums indulged in a number of little races.
  • Men, it is well to remark, heartily advocate the change from insipid tea to the invigorating hot bouillon.
  • The manipulation of a motive power capable of invigorating both body and mind, is an occupation worthy to employ intelligence and skill.
  • Instead of invigorating the upper classes, by substituting an industrious timocracy for an idle aristocracy, it had a very different effect.
  • In the winter those who enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, and other sports will find the park excellently adapted to these invigorating pleasures.
  • We begin to catch the breeze blowing from the upper part of the valley, and it feels fresh and invigorating after toiling under the noonday sun.
  • The girl, tripping lightly up the sluice path, felt all the invigorating influence of it go through her system like a stimulant.
  • Yet to stand blinking in the keen sunlight, snuffing the pure invigorating air, was to vote the whole thing weak and unconvincing.
  • An emotion, which was a curious mixture of superstitious terror and religious faith, swept over her, reviving and invigorating her heart.
  • Once more my spirit to sweet comfort turns, Struck by thy words' invigorating ray.
  • How happy we were, we four, sitting cross-legged in the crisp salt grass, with the invigorating sea-breeze blowing gratefully through our hair!
  • The wind was from the east, and a white mist rolled in from the sea, bringing a strange invigorating smell, and making your lips clammy with salt.
  • There was an invigorating crispness in the air, and the dun gelding the Kentuckian rode savored the breeze as a desert dweller savors water.
  • When Caleb saw the coast fairly clear, he took an invigorating pinch of snuff, to sharpen and confirm his resolution.
  • The roots of his growing energies, wrenched by the storm, struck firmer and deeper, and the wounded bark gave forth a pure and invigorating odor.
  • And what more invigorating than the Pontefract cakes, the slabs of cocoanut ice, and sheets of almond hard-bake that we crunched between the games!
  • There is no air in England more invigorating than that which sweeps across Dartmoor, and yet you feel that all nature is generous and kind there.

Definition of Invigorating

Giving strength, energy and vitality. | present participle of invigorate
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