Invisible In A Sentence

Definition of Invisible

Unable to be seen; out of sight; not visible. | Not appearing on the surface. | (Internet) Apparently, but not actually, offline.

How To Use Invisible In A Sentence?

  • And he was invisible because of his blue darkness, and he breathed over them quietly.
  • He is not possible until the invisible things are right for him, as well as the visible.
  • In that case an unusually high tide might very well have been the invisible agent.
  • All this time she was waited on by invisible hands, as though she had been a queen.
  • We continued this game until we were able to knock down the invisible pins with thirty-six shots.
  • It carried only small navigating lights, carefully screened so as to be invisible from below.
  • It was hung by invisible cords to the framework of the conservatory, and thence depended.
  • Very far off a tiny light twinkled a little way up the seaward shoulder of an invisible mountain.
  • The floors were swept, the fires made, and linen washed, all by invisible hands.
  • He was well-to-do and had 'expectations,' which facts shed round him a glory invisible to us.
  • He conceived the idea of camouflaging his planes in order to render them invisible at high altitudes.
  • The hand holding the candle protruded from that envelope which the other invisible hand clasped together under her very chin.
  • The Invisible Universe disclosed; or, the real Plan and Government of the Universe.
  • In some cases the products of combustion are invisible gases, so that the substance undergoing combustion is apparently destroyed.
  • On their lower surfaces they were painted pale blue, to blend with the sky and make them invisible to an enemy plane below.
  • And all governed with an invisible discipline, which, being brought to action, was found to be of iron.
  • It was perfectly invisible from a distance, being revealed to view only when the small boat approached within a hundred yards.
  • They had been taught to fight in line against solid masses of the enemy, and against an invisible foe like the present they were helpless.
  • Every living creature, from the invisible microbe to the most powerful animal, works unceasingly to assure its existence.
  • I could have wished to turn back, but some invisible power impelled me onwards to follow this funeral procession in pantomime.
  • He now perceived me, but remained perfectly motionless, as if he could thereby render himself invisible and induce me to pass on.
  • Whenever there is water on the earth, as in the rivers, the air is continually drawing up the moisture in tiny invisible drops.
  • The color selected for their uniform was "drab," as most likely to make them invisible in a land of dust.
  • He gave it a new ashlar facing, which, as the wall was considerably out of the perpendicular, constituted an invisible buttress.
  • She was a misty and fair creature, fitted for invisible music, for the shadows of love, for the murmurs of waters.
  • And then the new vision, life, the cold light of day moves before him, and the first vision becomes an invisible presence.
  • In the morning Jack arose and put on his invisible coat and magic cap and shoes, and prepared himself for the fray.
  • Not very far from the bank the invisible Frenchman was blaspheming and cursing his associates, his luck, and all the world.
  • She would remain for hours on a cushion, wide-awake and following with her eyes, with intensest attention, sights invisible to ordinary mortals.
  • The Quay was alive with ferry-boats, blunt-nosed and squat like a flat-iron, churning the water with invisible screws.
  • Frederick, by some invisible impulse, has chosen from among the laces of his wife a rich Mechlin, which she wore round her neck on her wedding-day.
  • That invisible gases are formed, however, and that the weight of these is greater than the weight of the candle may be shown by the following experiment.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Invisible | Invisible Sentence

  • The sirens of the invisible night no longer whispered to him.
  • Even in daylight they would have been invisible behind their leafy screen.
  • He felt some invisible power pushing him on to take this step.
  • The invisible and high-velocity light waves failed to bore into him.
  • The sum total of the sunshine transforms the flowers; invisible their change.
  • Luther's Invisible Church.
  • Luther's Invisible Church 20.

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