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  • The invitation was irresistible.
  • The shrine was invitation for her presence.
  • The invitation came on my thirteenth birthday.
  • I had discovered the secret of my invitation to that lunch.
  • This gentleman sent me an invitation to dine with him.
  • This invitation is, of course, not historical.
  • This invitation I have accepted.
  • Of course, Mainsail Haul is an invitation to thieves.
  • How pleased and excited they were when the invitation arrived!
  • But here was the fox receiving a pressing invitation from the lamb.
  • And then there came to Harboro the invitation out to the Quemado.
  • He asked me if I had received an invitation to dine with the President.
  • On the invitation of Mr. Chittenden the Osbornes accompanied him.
  • Patricia Receives an Invitation 116 IX.
  • It wasn't any reward at all; it was an invitation to capacity.
  • Not long afterwards Gordon received an invitation to Norman's wedding.

How To Use Invitation In A Sentence?

  • He was standing a round of drinks and included in his invitation the man on the coal box.
  • Not a single girl declined the quaint invitation and formal acceptances were sent that very day.
  • The communication which I received in response to my invitation was to some extent a surprise.
  • Miss Mary sat alone and discouraged when the note of invitation was handed to her.
  • A few days after his visit, my husband received an invitation to dine in the Seraglio.
  • In response to an invitation from the city authorities, the Patriots entered Lima July 6, 1821.
  • It was an invitation to the learned doctors to debate with him the doctrinal grounds for the sale of indulgences.
  • He pushed a chair towards him and indicated with a gesture of invitation a box of cigars upon his desk.
  • His invitation did not seem at all like a command, but it did seem to imply that a refusal would be out of the question.
  • In reply he had received an invitation which had stung him worse than if she had written that she never wanted to see him cross her threshold.
  • The family had not desired any open break with this disagreeable relative, and had therefore sent him an invitation to the wedding.
  • Its Invitation to the Stage-Players, and their Return of the Favour, 266, 267.
  • We were invited to help ourselves; an invitation which, being cordially given, we as cordially accepted.
  • She expected that the Vicar's invitation would then be forthcoming, but he said nothing.
  • But the invitation was repeated and pressed at a moment of more leisure, and when I was a little spent by some unusual studies.
  • Extending an invitation to call and quench their thirsts with his raisinade when next they came to town, Tucker unlocked the door.
  • This was simply an invitation to the insurgents to submit, in which case Spain would consider what degree of autonomy was needed or practicable.
  • Lloyd accepted her invitation but before he left he moved close to Boyce and whispered to him that the Sedash knew who they were.
  • He raised her fingers to his lips, and avoided, with a sudden twinge of self-reproach, the soft invitation of her timidly raised eyes.
  • It did not seem wise to issue any general invitation to the Commencement Exercises, and so the public stayed away.
  • The invitation is tempting and intended to be pleasant, and I yield to it, not only without any reluctance, but with a good deal of pleasure.
  • At Balint's urgent, sudden invitation I had hurriedly journeyed back to my rocky fatherland.
  • I beg you will kindly write out the enclosed invitation neatly for me on the paper I send you, for Carl has too much to do.
  • But it was not without serious misgivings that I accepted the courteous invitation of the German Embassy.

Definition of Invitation

The act of inviting; solicitation; the requesting of a person's company. | A document or verbal message conveying an invitation. | Allurement; enticement.
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