Involvement in a sentence

Definition of Involvement

The act of involving, or the state of being involved.

How to use Involvement in a Sentence?

  • 1. Sooner or later various paralytic symptoms, showing more active involvement of the nerve trunks, present themselves.
  • 2. Assuming that he had not made the new involvement plain enough, Ballard went over the situation again.
  • 3. Sooner or later retraction and destruction of the nipple, followed by gradual scirrhous involvement of the whole breast, takes place.
  • 4. Such an involvement would at once lessen a present large asset in China, aloofness from internal intrigues and struggles.
  • 5. This evolution in style reflects not only the increasing involvement of women in aquatic activities but also the changing motivations for feminine participation.
  • 6. The period from 1596 to 1602 was the most prolific of his career, with 20 plays being attributed to him and an involvement in up to 28 other plays being suggested.
  • 7. Even in such a case, a problem will result only if such involvement exists and gives rise to a perplexity as to a way, more especially as to the best way, out of the seeming difficulty.