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  • It is a business matter involving a great deal of money.
  • If so, he quickly dismissed the idea as involving unnecessary risk.
  • The adventure was a bold one, involving many hardships and perils.
  • This idle story, involving the reputation of a young girl, is shameful.
  • There's no need of involving myself in any wise with their future.
  • She could not decide a matter involving so much in a moment's time.
  • Over!--as if a separation involving a child is ever "over"!

How To Use Involving In A Sentence?

  • Here was a case involving money, and when one comes to money what is more sacred?
  • Shift or rotate instructions involving more than 33 steps can be used for simulating time delays.
  • One extraordinarily sporting boy had a wound right through his neck, involving his swallowing.
  • An arduous ceremonial, involving worship and devotional preparation, is the means.
  • Complex, fast-moving adventure story, involving a great number of lesbians.
  • They have been accustomed to consider it a passive quality, and not as involving action of the mind.
  • Upon two occasions subsequently questions arose between the two governments involving the stipulations of the treaty.
  • I have been asked to remain here and deliver some addresses to the people in a local contest involving issues of paramount importance.
  • Even disputes involving national honor should not halt the beneficent work of high courts of law and of reason.
  • When they overflow their banks it is in a violent and irregular fashion, involving wide-spread ruin and destruction.
  • The game in which several great nations were engaged for four years was a game involving organized direction and co-operation.
  • The colon marks the place of transition in a long sentence consisting of many members and involving a logical turn of the thought.
  • There arises the fear of disaster growing out of interruption of the income, or misfortune involving especially heavy expenditure.
  • A question of this kind, involving centuries of history, does not admit of a perfectly simple answer.
  • We already know the stories of many of the pioneers of aircraft, who risked their lives in situations involving the utmost peril.
  • These tests, involving scores of controverted propositions in theology, were imposed on the consciences of mere boys.
  • An international bimetallic system, binding nations to each other for a definite term of years, is a proposition involving large responsibilities.
  • In a long novel of India there is a brief but important episode involving two old missionary ladies.
  • The chief, and only important, fault in this chair is the bending of the back legs, involving their being cut against the grain of the wood.
  • There is a sacred pleasure in dwelling on conversations like these, involving high moral truths, elements of the intercourse yet to be renewed.
  • Flight was ridiculous, unless he made across country; a last resource, involving a fatal loss of time.
  • Both of these are fast-moving mysteries, in Mediterranean setting, both involving lesbian characters.
  • Mildly nasty shock-story of a murder, involving thirteen women, one mixed up with a lesbian; she eventually commits suicide.
  • The story of a remarkable courtship involving three pretty girls on a yacht, a poet-lover in pursuit, and a mix-up in the names of the girls.
  • Then a plan of transformation, involving a new avenue, cleared a wide path with the suddenness of a Kansas cyclone.
  • Any transaction with the Turkish Government involving money was open to suspicion of improper methods and bribery.
  • These auctions were most elaborate institutions involving brass bands, comfortable chairs, eloquent "spielers," and all the rest.
  • For the first time since he was struck down, Maseden felt himself capable of putting forth physical effort involving sustained muscular exertion.
  • Thither, accordingly, Gilbert went, the journey involving the loss of a day, at which he fretted not a little.
  • Has the Eternal Lawgiver appointed us to work out a problem, involving the destiny of the whole earth?
  • Between 1870 and 1890 about sixty-five destructive tornadoes occurred in the United States, involving great loss of life and property.
  • There was even an adventurous instant in which she leaped at actual personation, and she looked in rapture at the vivid risk of the thing before she abandoned it as involving too much.
  • It has committed itself to unhistorical doctrines, involving a deficient appreciation of the intellectual and moral claim of truth to be valued for its own sake no less than for its results.

Definition of Involving

present participle of involve
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