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  • Ella had hand ironed all her life.
  • She took it down to the kitchen and ironed it.
  • Get his honor ironed and summon your marines.
  • They were like prisoners ironed to the same staple.
  • That ironed one side of one sleeve.
  • Eleven years had Mrs. Reilly ironed in our laundry.
  • Lucia was diseased-looking and unkempt-looking and she ironed very badly.
  • So she opened a laundry, and washed and ironed for the neighbourhood.
  • Farrow ironed out her course and aimed the careening car dead center.
  • Geraldine's eyes held an excited light as she ironed away.
  • Again betrayed, and taken by a mob, ironed and imprisoned, 60.
  • Behind Ella ironed Anna Golden, black, who wore striped silk stockings.

How To Use Ironed In A Sentence?

  • Then we ironed out and showered the face of the man with stones from the wheels as we took off.
  • One day his wife was ironing and she ironed a great big nightcap with a frill round it.
  • She, however, did everything we did not do for ourselves, and ironed the linen after a fashion.
  • We couldn't get crews after a time if we ironed and jailed 'em for each offense.
  • These boards are often useful, when articles are to be ironed or pressed, in a chamber or parlor.
  • Let me finish with the dinner, and you put on that fresh waist I ironed for you.
  • Miss Cross ironed the lowers of a pair of pajamas to show me how it was done, then the coat part.
  • Behind Jane stood the tall clothes-horse, with its burden of freshly ironed white things.
  • You were so steady, Ruth; straight eyes; and it ironed out the wrinkles to hear your voice.
  • The same bundle of clothes was soaked in Roumania, rough-dried in Bulgaria, and ironed in Servia.
  • At least the marks of too many lonesome hours seemed to be ironed out of his face when he came back.
  • Afterward they should be very thoroughly rinsed or they may irritate the skin, and ironed without starch or blueing.
  • After a good rubbing he was so shiny that at a distance you might have thought him starched and ironed and newly come from the laundry.
  • It is then ironed rapidly to and fro until the fabric has received a high polish (Plate XXIV).
  • But on such an occasion you never noticed if the doctor had on a white coat or not, and surely spent no time pondering over who ironed it.
  • I then insert myself into the bosom of my piano and sleep, having first removed my clothes and ironed my trousers for future reference.
  • The satin must not be wrung, but folded down in cloths for three hours, and then ironed on the wrong side.
  • His tone, the way he drew the muscles of his face, ironed out her frown of disgust at public opinion with a smile.
  • She dieted and reduced her hips; had violet rays applied to her scalp; had her wrinkles ironed out by some mysterious process.
  • Ivan was also in the same hut, but less heavily ironed than his master, and able to attempt a few alleviations for his wretched condition.
  • I might as well be paying myself for doing up my own wash, and it would look considerably better than if Irma ironed it.
  • Tablecloths should be well starched, and ironed on the right side, and always, when taken off, folded in the ironed creases.
  • Thora sitting opposite him, was, in her slow quiet way, crimping with her fingers the lawn ruffles on the newly ironed clothes.
  • I ironed on a quilt spread out on de floor, and I ironed jes' as nice as anybody.
  • He's clim above 'em with his educated ways; the Injun's ironed out of that man.
  • Male: a beautiful black and white crest rising up high in a rounded form, but very thin from side to side, like a hood ironed flat.
  • The proof adduced in support of this is of the most trivial, but it strikes me as wholly undesirable that we should all be ironed out and conventionalized.
  • We packed finished chocolates; we punched slots in already-made lamp cones; we ironed already washed, starched, and dampened clothes.

Definition of Ironed

simple past tense and past participle of iron
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