Ironic In A Sentence

How To Use Ironic In A Sentence?

  • His mind all the time was absorbed in the dramatic or ironic aspects of what he had just seen.
  • Hisses and shouts of protest were united to this ironic chorus on the part of the public.
  • Excellent fooling, but a bit too long and heavy-handed for the truest ironic effect.
  • He smiled in a manner that was almost a snarl, and his eyes grew narrow with ironic merriment.
  • Would it not be ironic if the Webster mansion became a poor farm and she its first inmate?
  • There was, indeed, she thought, with bitter and ironic contempt, a lot to sell!
  • Unconsciously I uttered the word aloud, and the hills seemed to fling back the ironic question.
  • His easy, familiar, ironic talk had brought Mrs. De Peyster one large item of relief.
  • His roar of laughter was drunken but its note was even more ironic than when his mirth had been excited by the mean drama of the women.
  • If this was ironic the touch fell short, thanks to his perception that they had practically just ceased to be alone.
  • He had at times a frantic realization that he had unconquerable strength, but that by some ironic circumstance he could not use it.
  • They can only oppose a stout heart, a loyal spirit, and an ironic smile to the persecutions to which they are subjected.
  • He had gone to and fro in the earth and walked up and down in it, comfortably immune, an amused and ironic looker-on.
  • All at once, he seemed to have retreated into his shell, to have become again the curt, ironic individual of their first meeting.
  • The light of it caught like contagion, and touched the merest glancer at him with the spark of its warm, ironic mirth.
  • But let me add that I speak here of mere appearances, and have ever inclined to the more ironic and more complicating vision of them.
  • He himself was impressed by the ironic union in the Worshipful Master of conviviality and a sinister occupation.
  • If not exactly a novelist in any one of his books, Borrow is a romancer, in the true and not the ironic sense of the word, in all of them.
  • The splendour, the grandeur were, for Milly, the bold ironic spirit behind it, so interesting too in itself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ironic | Ironic Sentence

  • After that, ironic peace.
  • With a faint, ironic smile.
  • Then with a beaten but ironic smile he stood aside.
  • He spoke, quietly ironic at first.
  • Marise stood regarding them with a composed, ironic eye.
  • Blake stared, then fell a prey to ironic laughter.
  • He bent over Rhoda with his ironic politeness.
  • Madame Beattie gave a little ironic crow of laughter.
  • The ironic temper: Anatole France and his time.
  • All this seemed in some way to be an ironic prelude to disaster.
  • By some ironic quirk be found himself in scenes of battle and turmoil.
  • Ballard leaned back again and chuckled in ironic self-derision.
  • A faint ironic smile just touched the corners of his determined mouth.
  • He had a queer, ironic little smile that seemed to mock its own mirth.
  • He sank back, his ironic laughter drowned in a swift crimson tide.
  • She rose also, the slight, ironic smile again playing about her lips.
  • The Baron met his eyes with the profound ironic calm of his own.
  • She gave him, he thought, the dry and narrow smile of ironic pity.
  • Nagle made an ironic comment to this effect in Telecom Digest.
  • A brave resolve, Father," he said, with an ironic note.
  • Her arm dropped, her signal fallen futile on the plain's ironic indifference.

Definition of Ironic

Characterized by or constituting (any kind of) irony. | Given to the use of irony; sarcastic.
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