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  • Banfi rode up to the group with an ironical smile.
  • His voice fell to an ironical murmur.
  • The five disregarded the ironical tone in his voice.
  • The men replied with a burst of ironical laughter.
  • An ironical light possessed his discolored eyes.
  • Alvarez again burst into a laugh, ironical and taunting.
  • The mason gave her an ironical look full of meaning.
  • Rupert and I looked at each other in an ironical silence.
  • Yet was there something ironical in the very humility of some?
  • This gave the signal for a tumult of ironical laughter and hisses.
  • Violet said nothing after her little ironical protest about the poor.
  • His gray eyes suddenly fixed and held the ironical eyes of the other.
  • The scoundrel waved his hand in ironical adieu, and continued his course.
  • Cosmo Versal looked at his questioner with an ironical smile.
  • Again was that ironical challenge in Kate's eyes.
  • Seldom has fate been more ironical than in its treatment of Dr. McLoughlin.
  • Its ironical force answers to Terence's "probe curasti.
  • Mr. Fyles," she added, in her ironical fashion as she picked up her sewing.

How To Use Ironical In A Sentence?

  • Sally leaned against it watching him with an assumption of ironical admiration.
  • The ironical humour which flashed like a sharp light over his countenance played with the idea.
  • He still carried himself, for all his ironical comment, like an ambassador of the romantic school.
  • In repeating these statistics he reproduced with an ironical exactness the tone of self-congratulation of the pharmacist.
  • A slight mustache and pointed beard partly concealed the ironical smile that played on his passionate lips.
  • The name is of ironical association, for the constitution which it framed after much travail endured for no more than a few months.
  • He might whistle and laugh and get off one of those ironical and contemptuous utterances about society of which he seemed fond.
  • He raised his hat with ironical politeness, and resumed his walk along the beach, humming as before.
  • Katharine looked at him, and perceiving that his solicitude was genuine, she laughed again, but with an ironical note in her laughter.
  • Its banks became high and narrow, and it went whirling away with a sound that seemed to my ears like a burst of ironical laughter.
  • He paid his compliments in a tone tinged with irony, all the while watching her with a penetrating, inquiring, ironical eye.
  • But she decided to put off this ironical blow until a more opportune time, when Archie was nagging her for money.
  • The old man was trying to analyze the sad and ironical smile with which Simoun had received the news that he was to be arrested.
  • Juliet followed him to the hall, where she was greeted, as usual, with sharp reproaches, conveyed through ironical compliments.
  • It was the question the strange woman had put to him in the Square, and ironical mirth seized the young man as he remembered.
  • Haldane looked at his daughter, and then across at me, and, while slightly ironical good-humor was stamped on his face, it was a mask.
  • Was the tenderness in his glance only an ironical comment on the ignominious end of her Hundred Days?
  • In fact they had taken away a French soldier, bareheaded, who looked about him with a profoundly ironical air.
  • He must, for a time at least, accept the position, however ironical it seemed; but he felt himself an impostor and a fraud.
  • As may be well supposed, his friend listened to his account of his interview with Zicci with a half-suppressed and ironical smile.
  • Weissmann replied, in ironical phrase: "Hearing in civilized man is vague and indefinite.
  • But more ironical still was the apparent attachment between Evan's old girl and Perry.

Definition of Ironical

Characterized by or constituting (any kind of) irony. | Given to the use of irony; sarcastic. | (obsolete) Feigning ignorance; simulating lack of instruction or knowledge; exhibiting Socratic irony.
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