Ironical in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ironical

1. His voice fell to an ironical murmur. 🔊

2. The men replied with a burst of ironical laughter. 🔊

3. An ironical light possessed his discolored eyes. 🔊

4. The five disregarded the ironical tone in his voice. 🔊

5. Alvarez again burst into a laugh, ironical and taunting. 🔊

6. The mason gave her an ironical look full of meaning. 🔊

7. Violet said nothing after her little ironical protest about the poor. 🔊

8. This gave the signal for a tumult of ironical laughter and hisses. 🔊

9. His gray eyes suddenly fixed and held the ironical eyes of the other. 🔊

10. The scoundrel waved his hand in ironical adieu, and continued his course. 🔊

11. Again was that ironical challenge in Kate's eyes. 🔊

12. Seldom has fate been more ironical than in its treatment of Dr. McLoughlin. 🔊

How to use Ironical in Sentences?

1. Sally leaned against it watching him with an assumption of ironical admiration. 🔊

2. In repeating these statistics he reproduced with an ironical exactness the tone of self-congratulation of the pharmacist. 🔊

3. He might whistle and laugh and get off one of those ironical and contemptuous utterances about society of which he seemed fond. 🔊

4. He raised his hat with ironical politeness, and resumed his walk along the beach, humming as before. 🔊

5. Katharine looked at him, and perceiving that his solicitude was genuine, she laughed again, but with an ironical note in her laughter. 🔊