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  • He and his mule were so irregular in their habits.
  • An irregular volley burnt out in the blackness beyond.
  • The irregular lines in the masonry began to be more pronounced.
  • The roofs were irregular in shape and height, and his progress was slow.
  • His nose quivered and twisted with his quick, irregular breathing.
  • I was in the little arbour learning Latin irregular verbs when it happened.
  • The rainy season would still be irregular and unreliable, I think.

How To Use Irregular In A Sentence?

  • In the case of mere noises the train of vibrations is irregular and follows no definite order.
  • His eyes lacked lustre, and one of them jerked and winked mechanically at irregular intervals.
  • The irregular coastlines, the bays and harbors, the near islands and mainlands invited to the sea.
  • This is a great Fabric, consisting of several Structures, which form a very irregular Tower.
  • Those irregular corps which supplemented the permanent military pack transport were most indispensable but delightfully heterogeneous.
  • Certainly the increase has been irregular and uneven, affecting the workers in some industries much more than in others.
  • The animals which appear to support the hard work and irregular food with the least deterioration are the bullocks.
  • By irregular nursings and the nursings merely to stop crying the nervous system is continually overtaxed.
  • And therefore the edifice which is constructed out of them has merely an imaginary symmetry, and is really irregular and out of proportion.
  • But on the nearer side a long line of ancient irregular buildings ran back and covered more ground than the front itself.
  • It rears its massive towers and irregular walls over and above every other object; it stands like a mountain in the desert.
  • It is extremely difficult to cultivate, and forms flat, small greyish colonies of irregular outline.
  • It presented a small irregular disc, and a few additional observations showed that it was progressing in the usual manner from west to east.
  • Boyce finished his time consuming and irregular method of reading and smiled as he looked up at Lloyd.
  • Her features were sufficiently irregular to escape the accusation of classic form, and possessed a firmness and decision quite remarkable.
  • They occur closely associated in nature, usually as alloys of platinum in the form of irregular metallic grains in sand and gravel.
  • The man lay as still and impassive as a corpse excepting for the slow, shallow and rather irregular breathing with its ominous accompanying rattle.
  • These bridges have a many-storied look, from their innumerable windows at irregular altitudes, and form a grand approach to the city.
  • His face was well-coloured and irregular in outline, with a high bulging forehead and thick sandy hair which was already gray on the temples.
  • They returned to the open air, and looked about anxiously for signs of a movement toward the hut; but the irregular street was silent.
  • It was nothing more than a tarnished rod of silver, about nine inches in length, and twisted into an irregular sort of corkscrew shape.
  • He gave a start, however, as his eyes fell on the figure which was rapidly advancing towards them along the irregular crest of the hill.
  • It was a very irregular system of study, but the boy, without knowing it, was browsing in those pastures that remain ever fresh and green.
  • But the finding of one piece of native pottery in an Australian burial-mound would prove more than a wilderness of irregular verbs.
  • The perpendicular windows in the north aisle wall, part of which was rebuilt in 1670, are two-lighted, with irregular quatrefoils in their heads.
  • The abdomen is oval, and one-half as wide as long, with transverse, broad, irregular bands along the edges of the segments.
  • Hers was a character which would never floreate into irregular beauties to give her friends anxiety and crowd her life with embarrassing consequences.
  • From our irregular line of infantry extending more than a mile blazed incessant sheets and spurts of flame, the smoke at times hiding the combatants.
  • Further analysis of maya gave cultures of the "granule" bacillus, but these passed over from the type forming irregular colonies (see Figs.
  • As we drew nearer we heard what seemed like a very irregular artillery salute fired by very drunken gunners in honour of some personage entitled to a very large number of guns.
  • The irregular street was quiet, excepting for here and there a group of naked children playing, or a squaw passing with a load of firewood on her back.
  • A white town climbs in irregular tiers up the shelving terraces of a fairy island, the central hill crowned by the crenellated battlements of a grey citadel.
  • Half a dozen rifle shots, at irregular intervals, attested that Brown still held the Rock and that the pirates had invested the narrow peninsula.

Definition of Irregular

nonstandard; not conforming to rules or expectations | (of a surface) rough | without symmetry, regularity, or uniformity
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