Irrepressible In A Sentence

Definition of Irrepressible

Not containable or controllable. | (of a person) Especially high-spirited, outspoken, or insistent.

How To Use Irrepressible In A Sentence?

  • All her irrepressible zeal went into the conduct of her house and plot of ground.
  • I do not know why these sea-urchins are so far more irrepressible than their land brethren.
  • All the house seemed teeming with life and overflowing with irrepressible merriment.
  • Picking up the voice-tube the irrepressible observer shouted something to his companion.
  • Steadfast was gazing vacantly about him, silent save for irrepressible hiccups.
  • Emulation, the irrepressible desire to impart knowledge, broke down normal barriers.
  • At the conclusion of the story, one irrepressible reproach escaped the lips of the young wife.
  • But, urged by the irrepressible spirit of the inventor, he went onward with his silk machine.
  • This irrepressible soldier, given so much as an inch, would be demanding a province.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Irrepressible | Irrepressible Sentence

  • He was an irrepressible person.
  • Peter had been fairly irrepressible all day.
  • She broke in with an irrepressible giggle.
  • An irrepressible cry broke from me.
  • She gave a sudden irrepressible laugh.
  • He was an irrepressible fellow when opportunity offered.
  • Tita gives way to a burst of irrepressible laughter.
  • Here was the real hobo, the irrepressible absolute.
  • She breaks off, and gives way to irrepressible laughter.
  • It was from the irrepressible and anxious Jim.
  • Aziz Khan has been irrepressible lately.
  • It is broken by the irrepressible Julia.
  • The first was a strong, irrepressible love of liberty....
  • O irrepressible one, I am terribly frightened.
  • The irrepressible democrat, Roger Williams.
  • The tempest that rages in his bosom is irrepressible but by death.
  • The brandies and soda had endowed him with irrepressible cheerfulness.
  • The conflict between the two seems irrepressible and irreconcilable.
  • In this sort of activity he had a spontaneous and irrepressible delight.
  • But his irrepressible ears stood out as of yore and his eyes were not dimmed.
  • We smiled at his irrepressible grief; it was poetic justice.
  • Girard's gray eyes smiled in an irrepressible smile.
  • Of course it is ridiculous, but boys are irrepressible creatures.
  • There were two characters, with impulses of irrepressible and deadly conflict.
  • She looks away from him, and suddenly bursts into irrepressible sobs.
  • Billy returned as young, as inconsequent, as irrepressible as ever.
  • One man delights in a smart, vivacious little woman of the irrepressible kind.
  • You know much, but not the fatal grief, the irrepressible misery.
  • He turns, as though by an irrepressible impulse, to look keenly at her.
  • The irrepressible boots had, however, by this time drifted back to duty.
  • Matters went from bad to worse in the case of the irrepressible Cyrus.

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