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  • It will be irresistible to all mankind.
  • O bright irresistible lord!
  • Overland was as irresistible as the morning sun.
  • Women in love have an irresistible craving for sacrifice.
  • An irresistible attraction dragged me to the door.
  • An irresistible force at work on a movable body.
  • You know his big, irresistible laugh. . . .
  • But if there be irresistible dictation, this dictation understands itself.
  • Yet, notwithstanding, you are filled with an irresistible melancholy.
  • He wished to fly, but an irresistible power nailed him to the spot.
  • Before such an irresistible force "conspiring kings" will be powerless.

How To Use Irresistible In A Sentence?

  • An almost irresistible attraction will draw them to the churches of such ministers.
  • Suddenly he seized both her hands, and drew her to him with irresistible force.
  • I have then, controlled by the irresistible fascination of the woods, waited and watched.
  • Here is a new dynamic, an irresistible appeal, which should and must be utilized by the minister.
  • By the irresistible maturing of the general mind, the Christian traditions have lost their hold.
  • In a couple of minutes I was on their footsteps, dragged forward by a sudden irresistible impulse.
  • By the law of contraries, I look for an irresistible taste for Orientalism in Britain.
  • Educate him, and his mind proves itself at once as profound and masterly in its conceptions, and as brisk and irresistible in its decisions, as the mind of any other man.
  • To the curate's widow and mother there was an irresistible charm in the thought of a rectory.
  • And as her ear followed the tune, her eyes were drawn with an irresistible movement to the musician.
  • An irresistible influence has often been exercised over the minds of princes and other great men by reputed saints.
  • Davidson looked anxiously into his face, and saw that he had already begun to give way to irresistible drowsiness.
  • They were all moving upon a common goal, as though drawn thither by the irresistible attraction of a magnet.
  • Schalken felt a vague alarm at the sight of this figure, and at the same time an irresistible impulse to follow its guidance.
  • It would have been the spontaneous and irresistible development of the nature which God had given him.
  • The tide of the chase swept on with irresistible fury, and not one of all the band saw that the man who had fallen did not rise.
  • It was Helen's turn to realize something of the irresistible nature of the work of the police.
  • If, besides, he is very young, it gives you an irresistible desire to smack his face or pull his nose.
  • It was an irresistible sensation of gratitude that prompted me to do so, for he had once rescued me when I was wounded and taken prisoner.
  • Was that the secret of the Governor's irresistible magnetism, of his meteoric rise into power?
  • But wherever there is a good horse may also be found, drawn by an irresistible affinity, all the male negroes of the vicinity.
  • But the desire to realise his idea was intolerable, and, yielding as if before an irresistible force, he tied the parcel and prepared to go.
  • On the contrary, I feel myself drawn towards her by an irresistible attraction, and return her gaze.
  • While the two were thus glaring at each other, Dan was startled and thoroughly aroused from his irresistible lethargy by a loud report.
  • The command died out of Charlie's tones, and his whole attitude became an irresistible appeal.
  • I loved her till I saw you, and know that she is irresistible until a purer love conquers the passion one feels for her.
  • All the admirable expedients or means hit upon in England must be looked at as growths or irresistible offshoots of the expanding mind of the race.
  • They who carried on this system looked to the irresistible force of Great Britain for their support in their acts of power.
  • Taking advantage of this, Barnabas darted on his enemy, and dragging him with irresistible force to the window, he dashed him from it.

Definition of Irresistible

Not able to be resisted. | Extremely attractive, to the point that people can't help but fall in love
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