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  • These names are given irrespective of sex.
  • Events, are consequential or inconsequential irrespective of their size.
  • All seemed to be talking at the same time, irrespective of disparity in rank.
  • Fortunately he possessed means, irrespective of his estate in America.
  • But I cannot let anyone go down, irrespective of his abilities.

How To Use Irrespective In A Sentence?

  • He was severe on judges when they passed sentence irrespective of the rights of jurors.
  • Fate is not something that takes form and dominates us irrespective of any say on our own part.
  • The opportunity to do good to our fellowmen comes to all, irrespective of sect or sex.
  • Certain it is that 9,000 people paid for seats, irrespective of those who remained standing.
  • The increase in the duty was nominally from 5 to 7 c. per kilo irrespective of quality.
  • She treated her children with the respect one human being owes to another, irrespective of age.
  • And grumbling they came, for that fort harbored no idler, irrespective of age or sex.
  • Her heart beat for her folk, irrespective of their colour; she would minister to their happiness.
  • All the leading men of Ireland were invited, irrespective of politics and religion.
  • The ideas and beliefs which we have described were common to all Egyptians, irrespective of class.
  • War with her within two years was inevitable, irrespective of any causes in relation to Servia.
  • The designation is employed for convenience irrespective of its critical accuracy or inaccuracy.
  • All sorts of official instructions fly about irrespective of the sun's position in the heavens.
  • They ordered the pathmasters to lay out the statute-labor in their own divisions, irrespective of the magisterial fiat.
  • They believe what they choose to believe, irrespective of the quality of the testimony which may be advanced to refute their belief.
  • Undoubtedly the field for cheap goods is favourable in that country, the moneyless colonists being compelled to buy them irrespective of quality.
  • Pieces of apparatus of great length and weight may be joined in a similar manner, irrespective of the size of the tubes to be united.
  • It can therefore be imparted from one animal body to another, irrespective of the intellectual or moral qualities of the subject or recipient.
  • When a needleful of one thread was used up, the next was taken, apparently quite irrespective of the colour or shade.
  • In spite of the admiration he commanded from both men and women, irrespective of creed, life seemed to present to him but few allurements.
  • Almost without exception, irrespective of the material used in the construction of coagulating tanks, wooden partitions are employed.
  • Dean Swift's satire was stinging everybody, irrespective of position or class.
  • This enterprising person and then that began to "run up" houses, irrespective of every other enterprising person who was doing the same thing.
  • He was one of the too numerous persons who are engaged in keeping up appearances, irrespective of honesty, morality, or virtue.
  • In that case, any egg would seem delicious, and she would seize the nearest, irrespective of class or colour.
  • The actual cost of transit, to each letter, does not vary with the distance, but is inversely as the number of letters, irrespective of distance.
  • Here and there a National Guard of peaceful citizens, irrespective of nationality, was formed against them.
  • He says: "Everybody in Massachusetts can vote irrespective of color who can read and write.
  • On some estates it has been the custom to give equal quantities of sodium sulphite solution to all coolies irrespective of the ages of the trees in the fields to be tapped.
  • It is in this view, and irrespective of the question of right and wrong in slavery, that some considerations present themselves, which can not be ignored.
  • England finally assented to the proposal, as well she might, for Belgium would starve without food from the outside, irrespective of war losses.
  • Nevertheless, the ego loses sight of the true spiritual reality in the physical world to such an extent that it experiences sensual desires irrespective of the needs of the spirit.
  • First, because (as you say yourself in your Essay), knowledge, irrespective of gain, is in itself a delight, and ought to be something far more.
  • Surely martyrs, irrespective of the special phase of the divine idea for which they gladly give up their bodies to torture and to death, are the truest heroes of history.
  • The hypothesis of the independent creation of all species, irrespective of their antecedents, leaves this fact just as mysterious as is creation itself; that of derivation undertakes to account for it.

Definition of Irrespective

heedless, regardless | Without regard for conditions, circumstances, or consequences; unbiased; independent; impartial. | (obsolete) disrespectful
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