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  • The sensitive irritability of my nature was at once aflame.
  • The natural irritability of her temper was thus increased.
  • Uniacke felt a strange irritability coming upon him.
  • One acquires it by observing the irritability of tired children.
  • He distinguished between irritability of muscles and sensibility of nerves.
  • She knew that she was suffering from irritability produced by anxiety.
  • Kenny's irritability grew too marked to be ignored.
  • They are noticeably devoid of hurry, worry, irritability or nervousness.
  • Because pain, like irritability of brain, perpetuates and intensifies itself.
  • I was in a state of great nervous irritability before I went.
  • Mr. Upton showed symptoms of his old irritability under the Thrush mannerism.
  • Without whisky," went on McClintock, "your irritability is beyond tolerance.

How To Use Irritability In A Sentence?

  • It quiets the irritability to which they are liable, more effectually than any other procedure.
  • He is sublimely unaware of that increasing irritability which others discuss behind his back.
  • Johnson was a confirmed hypochondriac; hence the gloom and morbid irritability of his disposition.
  • Not a trace was perceptible of the irritability which Georges had observed on the previous day.
  • A few days afterwards my mother saw Napoleon, and then his irritability was at its height.
  • There was some irritability in his tone, but there was an unqualified assurance with regard to the future.
  • Sparing the irritability of the wounded spirit, she forbore to fret it by further urging her request.
  • In many it is shown by excessive irritability and the disposal to pick quarrels with anyone who comes in contact with them.
  • As anger and irritability leave imprints on the features, she should maintain serenity and calmness.
  • Failing health and premature age explain in some degree the extreme irritability and absence of control which characterised his later years.
  • Both irritability of the nervous system and dullness of the intellect are unquestionably the direct and necessary result of a want of pure air.
  • A few days before menstruation commences there may be various nervous symptoms, as irritability and a disinclination for any exertion.
  • That part of my soul, in which in old times irritability had its home, has grown completely callous.
  • A dispensation of Providence rendered her irritability the means of deciding the whole course of her life.
  • Thus we may perceive that the triunit consisting of perception, appetence, and motion, constitutes the celebrated irritability of our author.
  • My affliction is connected with a great tendency to irritability of temper; yea, with some satanic feeling, foreign to me even naturally.
  • Make us strong to return good for evil, to meet irritability with patience, unkindness with gentleness and harsh words with quiet speech.
  • The result of this and other incentives to irritability was that the voters for Mr. Dease had to be escorted by troops and constabulary.
  • It had been a long, wearisome, and disappointing day, and now, even at its end, her own irritability had caused another calamity.
  • Probably this was due in large part to the irritability that always seizes the mind of the tenderfoot when he is confronted by wilderness conditions.
  • One of the results of these fundamental preoccupations of mine was a curious irritability towards Margaret that I found difficult to conceal.
  • It is under these circumstances of sluggish indoor living particularly that irritability of all kinds is heightened and that the tendency to lack of self-control is most manifest.
  • Man suffered nausea and a general irritability of the system, and accordingly revenged himself by cursing the country and its imbecile ruler most heartily.
  • And the more strongly a woman realizes the value of time, and the importance of system and order, the more will she be tempted to irritability and complaint.
  • The irritability and feebleness of convalescence makes claims upon her love of self-sacrifice, and her prodigality of tenderness as positive and yet more baneful.
  • His love of grog eventually brought on delirium tremens, and his excessive irritability in the interval between each attack was a source of anxiety to all who came in contact with him.
  • If this practice be long continued, the want of refreshing repose will ultimately induce a state of morbid irritability of the nervous system bordering on insanity.
  • Her father was a gouty general of infantry in the diplomatic service, disinclined to unnecessary disputes, out of consideration for his vehement irritability when roused.

Definition of Irritability

The state or quality of being irritable; quick excitability | (physiology) A natural susceptibility, characteristic of all living organisms, tissues, and cells, to the influence of certain stimuli, response being manifested in a variety of ways. | (medicine) A condition of morbid excitability of an organ or part of the body; undue susceptibility to the influence of stimuli.
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