Irritably In A Sentence

How To Use Irritably In A Sentence?

  • When it rained, and she had to stay indoors, she chafed irritably and went early to bed.
  • I've a good mind not to get ready at all,' said Sarah irritably and rather foolishly.
  • He held Mr. Lester Wingfield responsible for the changed plans, and was irritably resentful.
  • But Monkey rose with heavy eyes and jerked it irritably out of the other's hand.
  • On hearing approaching footsteps, the monster irritably raised its head, opened wide its jaws, and cast a sidelong glance at its assailant.
  • Several of the astronomers present shook their heads at this, and Professor Pludder irritably declared that it was absurd.
  • A few minutes afterwards he heard the sound of approaching footsteps, so he paused in his undressing, wondering irritably who was coming to disturb him.
  • Sarah was being made to feel all round what a poor sort of daughter she was, and she felt irritably that it was only since Horatia came that this fact had been obvious.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Irritably | Irritably Sentence

  • He frowned irritably when she took his temperature.
  • But it was not the Addington he had irritably dreaded.
  • Mr. Downing rapped irritably on his desk.
  • Lieutenant Barnes irritably demanded of Danny Grin.
  • Zerkovitch twitched his head irritably and again looked at his watch.
  • Peter suddenly frowned irritably and sat upright, biting at his pen.
  • A little irritably she folded up Elisabeth's letter.

Definition of Irritably

In an irritable manner.
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