Is Afraid In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Afraid | Is Afraid Sentence

  • Perhaps he is afraid for her.
  • Tis he who is afraid.
  • Kibei is afraid of a ghost!
  • She is afraid of everything.
  • Uncle is afraid of him somehow.
  • Think of having a wife that is afraid of you!
  • So yours also is afraid of it?
  • He is afraid of he knows not what.
  • He is afraid of being found out.
  • He is afraid in the dark.
  • My mother is afraid of him.
  • Why do you say she is afraid?
  • She is afraid to pass under it.
  • It is afraid of the yacht.
  • Cursed be he whose heart is afraid.
  • Evidently the man he is afraid of is his father.
  • The mother is afraid for her children.
  • The father is afraid for his business.
  • The clerk is afraid for his job.
  • I can hardly believe that he is afraid.
  • Perhaps he is afraid of getting the reputation for money.
  • The average man is afraid of genius.
  • I had forgotten that he is afraid to come into a ranch.
  • The evil-doer is afraid of the light.
  • Not seldom he is afraid of unfavorable consequences.
  • The frightened animal is afraid and flees.
  • I suppose he is afraid of his jewels being stolen.
  • He is afraid that the country dogs should see him.
  • The driver of the pack-horses is afraid.
  • The worker is afraid of his boss or his competitor.
  • Out of bluster; because he is afraid.
  • Each military governor is afraid of his division generals.
  • Then he is afraid of every stranger who enters the shop.
  • A comedian whose audience is afraid to laugh.
  • Fear tends always to produce the thing it is afraid of.

How To Use Is Afraid In A Sentence?

  • It seems to us that only a coward is afraid of doubts.
  • And now after the years of horror, she is afraid.
  • But the bravest man amongst us is afraid of himself.
  • But it is afraid that it will never see next year.
  • There is something wrong, and he is afraid of exposure.
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