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  • Heart-work is aimed at.
  • The result is aimed at directly.
  • We give his treatment; which is aimed at acidity.
  • Well, I think it is aimed at your right eye.
  • The shaft therefore which is aimed at us turns against those who cast it.
  • Where the highest perfection is aimed at, shops are nowhere.
  • Something more is aimed at in the establishment of Industrial Councils.
  • Then asked the King, 'Against whom is aimed this cut?'

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  • The speech is aimed at the self-will and factiousness of Achilles and his disloyalty to Agamemnon.
  • At the same time there are reasons worth considering for not looking on so short an exercise as meeting what is aimed at.
  • What is aimed at is the measurement of a limited event in consciousness, such as a particular perception or feeling.
  • The first bite is aimed at the point containing the cervical ganglia and produces sudden death or immobility.
  • In a few instances some collateral advantages are also obtained but, in general, no other object is aimed at or secured.
  • Marriage is aimed at with a passionate ardor unknown before, not as a means of gratifying affection, but as a means of securing independence.
  • Such, also, is its advocacy of social legislation which is aimed to give more nearly equal opportunity to the lowest grades of industrial workers.
  • In spite of what you say as to your belief that theft and not murder is the object of these people, I am still convinced that my life is aimed at.
  • In fact, it is aimed wholly at the Society of Jesuits, whose history it exposes in the blackest colors.
  • This is aimed at the clergy of New York who are not eligible to office, but exempted, to a great extent, from taxation.
  • Henceforth, suggestion only is aimed at, not representation; the cooeperation of the spectator is relied upon as the indispensable complement of the design.
  • What is aimed at is a conglomerate of small chalk knobs cemented together by a matrix of plastic chalk and straw, the whole forming as dense a mass as possible.
  • Of course this gives an unnaturally large and heavy appearance to the cerebellar region; but nature is not exactly what is aimed at, still less refinement.
  • The next provision is aimed at the elimination of German interests in the territory of her neighbors and former allies, and of certain other countries.
  • But every concrete general name should be given a definite connotation with the least possible change in the denotation; and this is what is aimed at in every definition of a general name already in use.
  • It is not simple completeness that is aimed at, but ascent to higher levels, so that the consummation it demands, if granted, would cut it off from more vital connections elsewhere.
  • His bill is aimed not so much at the Catholic Church of Czernova as at the Convent of the Transfiguration.
  • By the word that those pictures bring the battle is directed, and the blow is aimed straight at the enemy's vital spots.
  • Before giving directions for feeding bees when a rapid increase of colonies is aimed at, I shall first show in what manner the bee-keeper may feed his weak swarms in the Spring.
  • Thus the first stroke of the mandibles which the parasite delivers in the usurped cell is aimed at the destruction of the Bee's egg.
  • Do you know," said he, "that I begin to believe that I am the unconscious centre of some monstrous conspiracy, and that my life is aimed at as well as my honor?
  • In the present account it is aimed to record what is known concerning geographic distribution, taxonomically significant characters, and interrelationships of the known kinds as well as to provide means for recognizing the species and subspecies in the genus.
  • The scope of the original pamphlet has been adhered to, and all that is aimed at is to give the new arrival in the East some idea as to the management of his horses, especially those who are setting up a stable for the first time.
  • The foot lands flat and at the side of or behind the kicker, and the blow is aimed at the trunk or head -- it usually lands higher than the hips.
  • The weak place is there; the arrow will be aimed at it, and if it find the place it is aimed at, we may refer the blame to what or where we will, it does not affect the truth, that the blame is nigh unto us, even at our own door.
  • It will be the most important step yet taken to affect the existence of sovereigns, and the higher classes of life: I do not mean to exclude its effects upon all classes; but the first blow is aimed at the more prominent parts in the ancient order of things.
  • In no other way, so far as I know, can so much honey be secured, and if quantity, not quality, is aimed at, or if the test of quality is its fitness for the use of the bees, I would recommend this mode as superior to any other.
  • Registration and treatment of disease should not be compulsory, because, as opinion at present is, this course will lead merely to concealment on the part of the sufferers, whereas medical treatment at the earliest possible hour is what is aimed at; but free treatment and provision of curative safeguards should be provided to all who apply for them, and always with secrecy.
  • According to Jahn, this Satire is aimed at those that have received a thorough training in ethics, but, owing to the weakness of human nature, fail to follow the true guide of life; and, although well aware of their short-comings, imitate the example of those brutish souls whose sins are excused by their ignorance.
  • But it is by no means merely a moral discipline that is aimed at in the Kindergarten, as you will see when the bearings upon their habits of thought, of all that the children do, are pointed out to you, in the various occupations, which are sedentary sports, though the moral discipline is the paramount idea, and never must be lost sight of one moment by the Kindergartner.
  • Except that they're far from the point of my song, Which is aimed at a dental adornment, a treasure Unheard of as yet by the ignorant throng, But an ivory fairer, More fleckless and rarer, Than ever was looted by trader from elephant's prong.
  • Where the absorption of substances is aimed at, the _galvanic_ current must be employed.
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