Is Both In A Sentence

How To Use Is Both In A Sentence?

  • Ezekiel is both childish and obscene in the grossest sense.
  • The sharpest repartee is both witty and satirical.
  • That clash of sibilants is both harsh and ungrammatical.
  • Consequently, its message is both subjective and objective.
  • He does no work, and is both dirty and dishonest.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Both | Is Both Sentence

  • Sometimes it is both together.
  • It is both in myself and yet not myself.
  • He is both a prince and a traitor!
  • Now it is both connected and detached.
  • Life is both effective and significant.
  • Each is both product and platform.
  • It is both appropriate and pretty.
  • It is both hateful and fascinating.
  • Love is both a poem and a treatise.
  • It is both good and evil.
  • It is both subjective and objective.
  • This is both ungenerous and unjust.
  • She is both sullen and hysterical.
  • That is both wisdom and justice.
  • But it is both vigorous and vital.
  • It is both serious and absurd.
  • This practice is both deceptive and ludicrous.
  • This is both flower and fruit of charity.
  • It is both a critical and an historical study.
  • To analyze them is both impossible and undesirable.
  • The story is both poignant and dramatic.
  • The effect is both beneficial and delightful.
  • It is both friend and foe as may be.
  • To me such an attitude is both unfair and untenable.
  • The usurer is both vampire and wolf.
  • There is both dignity and tenderness in her tone.
  • The method is both cheap and easy.
  • Picric acid is both a dye and an explosive.
  • The skirt is both short and narrow.
  • Organic architecture is both creative and imaginative.
  • My business is both grave and delicate.
  • This is both a low and ignorant self-laudation.
  • To bear separation is both hard and easy.
  • It is both a worse and a better state of things.
  • This net of coincidence is both odd and meaningless.
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