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How To Use Is Connected In A Sentence?

  • Look how different it is according to the different things with which it is connected.
  • Everything is a thing in itself and yet is connected inseparably with all others.
  • Experience so contained is connected by the special relation of being known together.
  • With this speculation there is connected a still unsolved problem in statistics.
  • I put my fingers on the button which is connected with my largest and most formidable weapon.
  • In some way the old professor is connected with this young man who is in danger of arrest.
  • Each front trench is connected with the second line of trenches by a short runway.
  • Very little discredit is connected with any such transaction, if it is only on a large scale.
  • It is connected with this necklace, which she certainly did possess at one time.
  • On this side the island is connected with the main land by means of a draw-bridge.
  • Between this contact and one side of the line is connected the polarized ringer and the generator.
  • Another difficulty is connected with the free colored people who may be found in prize ships.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Connected | Is Connected Sentence

  • It is only relevant in that it is connected with piloting.
  • And this color is connected with purity.
  • Each harness is connected with a treadle.
  • This belief is connected with his child.
  • His wife is connected with the press.
  • The table is connected with the bottom of the box.
  • What famous ride is connected with this battle?
  • This conception is connected with the heroic genealogies.
  • If he is connected with a city choir he is placed.
  • Anyhow, he is connected closely enough with them.
  • A strange legend is connected with this rude menhir.
  • This word is connected, in its origin, with railroads.
  • This square is connected by a bridge with the Slottsholm.
  • The name of Hermes is connected by Welcker (Griesch.
  • It is connected with causes into which we can not penetrate.
  • Another interesting circumstance is connected with this locality.
  • Financial reform is connected with the maintenance of peace.
  • This office is connected with the department of the interior.
  • The third of these orations is connected with a ceremonial occasion.
  • Now all that follows is connected directly with that advance step.
  • All composition work is connected with this special interest.
  • There are various ways in which the extension is connected to the bottom.
  • Behind this is the angular gyrus which is connected with visual word memory.
  • This idea is connected with his general attitude towards the popular religion.
  • The hose which is connected with the water-works is turned upon his naked body.
  • This is connected by a shaft with the lower one, which is much larger.
  • Perkunas the god of the Lithuanians is connected with thunder.
  • Now this is connected with the question of animism, preanimism, and dynanimism.
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