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  • Now it is day; the terrors of the night are passed, fear vanishes like an uneasy dream.
  • If the wading is so sweet and there is day-light then the time which turned black grey and the earrings longer were the months that had that time.
  • Gen. first chapter teaches when the sun is up it is day or morning; when he is down it is night, or evening.
  • When they are on the same side of the sun, it is day on Mars when night on the earth, and for this reason they could never see our signals.
  • But if you would dare her wiles you must come alone to her fountain by night, for she shuns even the half-gloom that is day in shadowy Broceliande.
  • Opposite is Day, an unfinished captive, his head half freed from the stone, the arms rigid, the body contorted.
  • Till the light of your bright eyes Adds new brilliance to the sun: Not till then is Day begun!
  • The morning comes, and almost before it is day some of the officers are on deck with their glasses, eagerly looking toward the island, which they can now see far more plainly.
  • To-morrow," said his Majesty, "as soon as it is day, go to that house, take a carriage, and bring that lady to the palace.
  • In the last analysis, it is "day rate" for the unskilled, and "piece rate" for the skilled, and it naturally leads to a feeling of security in the worker.
  • As soon as the King and the Queen heard that cry they awoke from their sleep, and the Chamberlain said, 'Sir, you must be moving, for it is day'; and the King rose and dressed himself, and put on his shoes.
  • Where there is day cannot be any night, and yet day and night constitute one single day of twenty-four hours, in which they both dwell harmoniously.
  • The sun mounts the Eastern air, drives the mists away and beyond the lichen patches loved by the ptarmigan--and it is day.
  • For poor Miss Blunt, it is day after day the same story: a wearisome round of visits to the school, and to the houses of the mayor, the parson, the butcher, the baker, whose young ladies, of course, all receive instruction on the piano.
  • The moon shines bright, and the stars give a light, A little before it is day:
  • Our solitary oil-lamp was beginning to languish for want of trimming, and I thought, "What if it should leave us in darkness altogether, and we should never know when it is day?" and dwelt on the Egyptians in the plague of darkness, when none of them rose from his place for three days.
  • When the day broke a voice called from the iron stove: "It seems to me that it is day outside."
  • He bears a sword of flame but not to harm The wakened life that feels his quickening sway And barnyard voices shrilling "It is day!"
  • Perhaps they have a small estate left them which they knew not the getting of; they think, It is day and it never will be night; that a little to be spent out of so much is not worth minding;
  • Clodman is day and night at the house; his magnetism being considered indispensable for the restoration of the child."

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Day | Is Day Sentence

  • Cease to be sure that it is day.
  • And wake when it is day.
  • And know that it is day.
  • On the other side was a dawn which now is day.
  • Death is night, life is day.
  • This is day first in Potsdam.
  • It is day.
  • And it is day!
  • It is day!
  • Ay, it is day!
  • Now that it is day his mate joins him on the "knowe.
  • The funeral is day after to-morrow, and we shall stay of course.
  • This is day ferreting, but of course mine was done mainly at night.
  • His real name is Day-After-To-Morrow, but you call him Cornell for short.
  • Work and pray while yet it is day
  • At eleven o'clock, it is day,
  • Thank God, it is day."
  • It is day."
  • "What is day?" asks Judas.
  • "I know it is day, because I'm hungry.
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