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  • The idea is to give her just enough headway to offset the wind drift that is driving her ashore.
  • Lite was much like a man who lets a small boy believe he is driving a skittish team all alone.
  • On the right, a shepherd is driving a flock of sheep; there are high mountains in the distance.
  • A half-veiled woman, bearing a bundle of herbs upon her head, is driving her goats before her.
  • The same confounded nonsense that has driven every comfort from my doors for these ten years past is driving you away too.
  • It is usual for the owner of a carriage to sit with her face to the horses; when a married lady is driving with her she should sit beside her.
  • The rapidity with which China is driving out the poppy from province after province is truly remarkable.
  • Judge Greene's fragmentation of the phone company is driving law enforcement nuts.
  • A husband should sit with his back to the horses, or by the side of the chauffeur in the case of a motor-car, when a lady is driving with his wife.
  • The sight of that hoss peeping out betwixt the bars every day at meal-time and lying on a bed of ease the rest of the day is driving me crazy.
  • If one is walking, the friends are invariably driving; if one is driving, of course the ubiquitous acquaintances are out for a stroll.
  • A small boy, dressed in what appears to be a striped flannel night-shirt, with a tiny skull-cap on his head, is driving them.
  • This liquor business is driving us all to perdition, as well as wasting our time, which is more important in Rocky Springs.
  • In effect, it would be suddenly exerting a force of nearly 10,000 horsepower against the little 10 horsepower water wheel that is driving this dynamo.
  • Meanwhile, I suppose, this east wind is driving us westward, out to sea, in the direction of Spitzbergen.
  • An hour later Zdena, a huge red silk sunshade held over her handsome head, is driving rapidly towards Dobrotschau.
  • It puts one in mind of long algebraical operations in which the student has wholly lost sight of reality, and is driving on his symbols, quite unable to grasp their significance.
  • Sometimes when a little child goes driving with his father he is allowed to hold the ends of the reins, and encouraged to believe that he is driving, and it works quite well with a very small child.
  • I suppose, too, that a feeling of self-respect is driving cultivated men out of this society, as if the noble were slow to receive the lessons of the times, and had not learned to disguise his pride of place.
  • There's a girl out on that road who is dying of fever, and its fear of the Hun that is driving her on, and before night she'll be lying dead by the side of the road.
  • While the born letter-writer is driving a nail or polishing a shoe, a thought apropos of his occupation or of stars, perhaps, drops complete and perfect like ripe fruit in an orchard.
  • Tom White's pig has broken loose, and that stupid Johnnie Dent is driving it straight into old Principle's!
  • The northwestern wind from the sea is driving it silently toward the mainland, bringing in its wake a sharply fragrant mixture of brine, of boundless space, of undisturbed, free and mysterious distances.
  • Between two shores of Death we drift, Behind are things forgot: Before the tide is driving swift To lands beholden not.
  • Then comes a venerable crocodile, in a royal livery of scarlet and gold, or in a coat with sixteen capes; and the crocodile is driving four-in-hand from the box of the Bath mail.
  • The north wind is driving a dozen sailing-boats, laden to the water's edge with merchandise, to the wharves.
  • I firmly believe that Almighty God is driving the South into a terrible war that she may receive her well-merited punishment for her blood-red crimes like these.
  • Mrs. de Burgh is driving Mrs. Trevyllian, and Louis out in the grounds; no one, then, is in the house to break upon their glad communion.
  • The hyacinths are lonesome and white in Malyn's room; And out at sea the Snowflake is driving through the gloom.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Driving | Is Driving Sentence

  • Ach, how he is driving!
  • Who or what is driving you down this road of destruction?
  • That is, when he is driving cattle.
  • And the thought of the other fellow is driving me crazy.
  • Give me water; the want of it is driving me mad.
  • Ben White is driving.
  • My God, this thing is driving me mad!
  • A man dreams, for example, that he is driving off a dog that is attacking him.
  • Frank is riding a horse, and James is driving one hitched to a cart.
  • But the coachman is driving, jubilant, bold, The devil's pace.
  • The sleet is driving against the pane;
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