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  • Nothing is easier than limiting ourselves.
  • What is easier than for a man to breathe?
  • The motion is easier than that of any other conveyance.
  • After he has eaten he is easier to deal with.
  • That is easier said than done.
  • Which road is easier to walk on?
  • It is easier to play on the organ.
  • They think of other people because it is easier.
  • And my grief is easier borne.
  • It is easier to contend at the first than at the last.
  • But advice is easier to give than to follow.
  • It is easier, and pleasanter.
  • It is easier to know men well.
  • It is easier to get into things than to get out.
  • It is easier to keep out evil than to put it out.
  • It is easier to get snuff-boxes.
  • The physical world is easier to grasp.
  • And it is easier to me far than sweeping with a besom.
  • It is easier to advance in expences than to retreat.
  • It is easier to be almost anything else.
  • When once you do a thing, it is easier to do it again.
  • It is easier to come down than to go higher.
  • There are things which it is easier to bear alone.
  • And ten miles of it is easier than one over the tops.
  • It is easier for us all to find fault than to overlook.
  • It is easier to make money than to know how to spend it.
  • Which is easier for a farmer to plow, a hill or a plain?
  • Why it is easier to fall than to stand, and, oh!
  • It is easier to be miserable, my dear, for most people.
  • You say it is easier for you to get off Sundays.
  • It is easier, also, to rescue books than buildings.
  • It is also maintained that death is easier in the South.
  • To love is easier.
  • It proceeds on the theory that it is easier to go around than through or over.
  • It is an old notion that it is easier to be generous than to be stingy.

How To Use Is Easier In A Sentence?

  • It is easier getting inside them gates than getting out again.
  • Chattel slavery is easier by comparison and pleasanter in reality.
  • It is easier to win your way with hypocrisy than with honesty.
  • If traveling on the other side of a creek is easier it crosses.
  • It is easier to write the title of this chapter than its contents.
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