Is Finished In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Finished | Is Finished Sentence

  • Much of it is finished.
  • The thing is finished.
  • The affair is finished.
  • The fun is finished.
  • If ever it is finished.
  • Our misunderstanding is finished.
  • The picture is finished.
  • Our home is finished.
  • My story is finished.
  • But at last all is finished.
  • The battle is finished.
  • Also the date the basket is finished.
  • Some one is finished with one.
  • There, it is finished.
  • Add spice just before it is finished boiling.
  • Some one is finished with some one.
  • The first meal is finished.
  • You must not wait till it is finished.
  • The house is finished and all the workmen have gone.
  • Let me see a draft of it as soon as it is finished.
  • The survey is finished and pay demanded.
  • I do not know whether your criticism is finished.
  • Continue in this manner until one row is finished.
  • After the business is finished there is a social hour.
  • But perhaps his dark day is finished.
  • The rest will go when the dam is finished.
  • Eventually reel number one is finished.
  • Tune the overstrung bass last and your work is finished.
  • The house is finished almost, is it not?
  • When the work is finished we shall attract mariners.
  • The paper is finished, and so is the letter.
  • Now the work is finished, so services will be held again.
  • The big barn is finished, with stable attached.
  • The world is finished: let us sleep.
  • When justice is done, the mission of charity is finished!

How To Use Is Finished In A Sentence?

  • Well, one part of the great work is finished.
  • Thy work is finished; thy divinity is established.
  • No one cares, excepting that the siege is finished.
  • Do you mind what I do with it after it is finished?
  • The back part is finished: men are working at the front.
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