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How To Use Is Hoping In A Sentence?

  • Rita is hoping he will go to Arizona, and has offered to go with him as his model.
  • A best feeling is that which if that one has not been adding is what that one is hoping to be smiling.
  • Everybody is hoping it doesn't mean staying here permanently, but you never know your luck.
  • He is simply tightening a nut or something, and she is hoping he won't be much longer.
  • But, so long as the mind is hoping for some good, and making efforts to obtain it, any opposition excites irritable feelings.
  • Murdock is not tired because he does not tire when he is hoping that he will not be completing not finding that which he is not persisting in expecting.
  • Vivian looked down on her as a Newfoundland might look down on a small and impetuous-minded King Charles, who is hoping to irritate him.
  • Greece is hoping to profit from the present situation without any sacrifices, or with as few as possible, and Venizelos fell because the Greek people did not wish to give the Allies the assistance he promised them.
  • I know he is hoping for your nice parlour for it, so beautiful as you always keep it."
  • He is hoping his grandfather will want us at Huntersfield----" "He can keep on a-hoping," said Bob Flippin.
  • "She is hoping the boat may bring that mysterious brute, Fennel," remarked Charles to his companion.
  • "Have n't the least advice," answers his Excellency: "will wait at Frankfurt-on-Mayn, for eight days, what your Highness's resolution is; hoping it may be a wise one;--and have the honor at present to say Good-morning."

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  • Hoping anything is hoping that that is a lesson.
  • He writes a note that he is hoping with all his heart that his mother will see.
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