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  • And the population is increasing.
  • This school now is increasing.
  • All perfection is increasing.
  • The storm is increasing.
  • If they do then thickness is increasing.
  • It is increasing frightfully.
  • My business is increasing.
  • Each law session their number is increasing.
  • The lifetime of the generation is increasing steadily.
  • The number of specialists among farmers is increasing.
  • The Expedition is increasing in numbers.
  • Our business is increasing at a rapid rate, Jake Solomon.
  • She comes into that office now and again to see if her gift is increasing.
  • Nothing can take its place, and the use is increasing astonishingly.
  • But every year the class is increasing that utterly disregards these mandates.
  • If it is young, this value is increasing doubly because of growth.
  • The scarcity of potatoes is increasing, in spite of a good crop.
  • The wind is increasing meanwhile, and clouds hide the young moon.
  • The hemp and tallow trade is increasing, as is the foreign corn trade.
  • The custom of sending Christmas cards in open envelopes is increasing.
  • The National Debt is increasing by about a milliard lire per month.

How To Use Is Increasing In A Sentence?

  • While this young stock is supplying manure for the soil it is increasing in value.
  • The run-off is increasing every year as we cut our forests and cultivate our land.
  • The number who have been convinced of the brighter outlook, however, is increasing.
  • It is true the population, relieved from the dreadful waste of slavery, is increasing.
  • In the allied knitting industry the production of the South is increasing in importance.
  • But notwithstanding this, the truth leaks out to indicate that trade in Persia is increasing.
  • Return quickly to the farm with Marie, for it is almost night, and the cold is increasing.
  • One Louisiana mill, for example, is increasing its output from 150 to 1,200 barrels a day.
  • If this apparent prosperity be closely examined, it will be found that expenditure is increasing in all directions.
  • The adorning of front yards and porches with vines and flowers is increasing enormously every year.
  • Our exchange department is increasing so rapidly that we find it necessary to offer a few suggestions to our young correspondents.
  • But it is generally true that village warfare is decreasing, and that travel between villages is increasing.
  • The manufacturing output is increasing with marvelous rapidity, but it is increasing in other sections of the country as well.
  • The question for brave men is not whether a certain thing is increasing; the question is whether we are increasing it.
  • Good meat, too, is then only to be had with difficulty, and this difficulty is increasing every year.
  • It will be the means of diminishing the number of dead letters and newspapers, which is increasing every day to an incredible amount.
  • We often hear it said that the rush and hurry of our modern strenuous life is increasing the number of mental diseases and nervous breakdowns.
  • War is passing, disease is being conquered, and man's food-getting efficiency is increasing.
  • After my debt to you for whatever I am myself, it is increasing it too much to interest yourself for his future fortune.
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