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How To Use Is Merely In A Sentence?

  • It is merely the statement of a melancholy fact.
  • It is merely an overflow of receptivity into objectivity.
  • He is merely giving it a new name.
  • It is merely negative in its activities and results.
  • Your financial digression is merely a subterfuge.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Merely | Is Merely Sentence

  • It is merely illustrative.
  • One of these is merely the complement of the other.
  • It is merely unexpected.
  • Possibly she is merely indisposed.
  • This is merely amusing.
  • But it is merely that they are more natural.
  • This is merely negative.
  • That is merely symbolic.
  • It is merely an anecdote.
  • It is merely a monument.
  • It is merely not true.
  • Perhaps it is merely conversation.
  • It is merely a fact.
  • Pride is merely ridiculous.
  • He is merely a monkey.
  • This is merely playing with them.
  • Here the evidence is merely suggestive.
  • That is merely your usual excuse.
  • It is merely given to the winds.
  • He is merely obeying orders.
  • This gun is merely a plaything.
  • What we have done is merely a beginning.
  • Life to them is merely a fattening process.
  • It is merely a question of means.
  • Merryfield is merely of medium build.
  • The present is merely advisory.
  • This is merely a land of promise to me.
  • It is merely a telegraphic cipher.
  • He is merely less obviously so.
  • It is merely a matter of degree.
  • It is merely capable of enduring it.
  • It is merely a difference of degree.
  • Increase of knowledge is merely increase of power.
  • It is merely a question of familiarity with money.
  • What is merely in the fashion is never beautiful.
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