Is More In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is More | Is More Sentence

  • London is more than all this.
  • But it is more than that.
  • And there is more of it.
  • But it is more than that.
  • But there is more than this.
  • He is more than all of them.
  • It is more than that.
  • It is more than this.
  • But it is more than this.
  • This is more than they can stand.
  • But he is more than this in such a life.
  • And there is more than this even.
  • That is why there is more to this story.
  • It is more interesting doing that.
  • Nothing is more true.
  • Nothing is more simple.
  • But there is more in the problem than that.
  • What is more he believed it.
  • There is more than a chance!
  • Nothing is more incredible.
  • Bradlaugh is more proud than you are.
  • Beauty is more apparent.
  • Ranji is more ambitious.
  • But there is more than this to be said.
  • Nothing is more mysterious.
  • What is more practical?
  • It is more than just cheese.
  • Which is more poetic?
  • Nothing is more difficult than this.
  • Possibly it is more their interest not to be so.
  • He is more than a horse.
  • Your life is more than all to me.
  • You know there is more?
  • She is more in it than ever.
  • None is more healthy.

How To Use Is More In A Sentence?

  • But it is more complicated.
  • Cleanliness is more than wholesomeness.
  • It is more than an injury.
  • For what is more suitable?
  • There is more than mystery.
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