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  • But all suspicion is removed from you now.
  • My blindness is removed by a dream.
  • This is removed and partially dried.
  • That much of my labour is removed.
  • But the one witness is removed from ken.
  • The sin will cease when the temptation is removed.
  • After the cloth is removed from the loom it is polished.
  • What becomes of the socket when a tooth is removed?
  • There every particle of alcohol is removed.
  • On the manner in which the top-milk is removed.
  • The froth is removed prior to the addition of the acid.
  • In this way, the root of the misunderstanding is removed.
  • Only for a few days, till she recovers and is removed.
  • Perhaps a curse was laid upon us; and now that is removed.
  • The down is removed by rubbing the moistened hand over the skin.
  • The wheels of the guns cannot move until the blockade of dead is removed.
  • Even the temptation of annexing the pencil is removed from your frail humanity.
  • The last is removed by running the mixed gases through lime.
  • She is of a race as far removed from ours as the sky is removed from the earth.
  • As a load or cargo is removed from a vessel it rises out of the water.
  • Or you may eat them with molasses and butter after the meat is removed.
  • Then it is gradually accustomed to open air and the frame is removed.
  • When the motive of the friendship is removed, the friendship itself disappears.
  • By that method the menace is removed, but the burden remains.
  • After each charge of cotton is removed from the tank, about 14 lbs.
  • If the governor considers the reasons sufficient, the officer is removed.
  • If pressure is removed, corns will commonly disappear spontaneously.
  • Do you know that the cloud is removed from my birth, the stigma from my name?

How To Use Is Removed In A Sentence?

  • When it is removed a hole will be left just large enough for it to slip into again.
  • Finger-bowls are brought on the table after the dessert is removed and before the fruit is served.
  • A neat joint should not be larger than the diameter of the wire before insulation is removed.
  • Now the dust is removed from the cushions and paddings by means of a vacuum arrangement.
  • In cold weather the bottle should be warmed in the hands before the stopper is removed.
  • The moment that this rewarded foreman is removed, the work will again fall down.
  • When the tracing paper is removed a perfect outline in charcoal is found to have been made.
  • And the farther a house is removed from this shape, the more the expense is increased.
  • Under some circumstances, a portion of the heat of the system is removed by radiation.
  • Absorption by the skin is most vigorous when the cuticle is removed by vesication, or blistering.
  • When he is convinced, lack of interest due to his doubts and dissatisfaction is removed.
  • Each week the plug is removed from the pipe, and all the maggots are washed into the cistern.
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