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How To Use Is Taken In A Sentence?

  • But it may be that the husk is taken from the kernel.
  • One alas! is taken from me!
  • And by him good charge of the whole is taken.
  • This transcript is taken from the 1631 edition.
  • Such bullying is taken very seriously by spooked victims.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Taken | Is Taken Sentence

  • It is taken for granted.
  • Percipience in itself is taken for granted.
  • This passage is taken from it.
  • That is taken away from me.
  • Nothing is taken out of his spirit.
  • My resolution is taken.
  • The tooth is taken out.
  • Especially if the cook is taken by surprise.
  • Water cress is taken in the fingers.
  • She is taken from the evil to come.
  • The child is taken in innocence.
  • Is taken to task by his dame.
  • Most of my history is taken from this writer.
  • Hartwell is taken care of all right.
  • It is recognizable only when a bearing is taken.
  • From the ford down not much is taken there.
  • Every pains is taken to preserve it.
  • But no one else is taken in.
  • See that clean bedding is taken there at once.
  • He is taken out and rubbed or manipulated.
  • No notice is taken of the intrusion.
  • This is taken absolutely and not for life.
  • His patriotism is taken for granted.
  • Something is taken from our store in the making.
  • We care not which of them is taken as an illustration.
  • With true pluck the matter is taken up.
  • Invert pan immediately it is taken from oven.
  • Naturally no notice is taken of these uninvited guests.
  • No such trouble is taken for a mere girl.
  • What appears best is taken first!
  • Test the angle before the finishing cut is taken.
  • This bath is taken in the following manner.
  • Just as wretched as men when their city is taken.
  • The decisive step is taken in illusion.
  • The metaphor is taken from the mill or from the bakery.
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