Is Trying In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Trying | Is Trying Sentence

  • He is trying desperately to speak.
  • Your father is trying to speak.
  • Keep your honeycomb for him who is trying to earn it.
  • And he is trying to hail us.
  • No one is trying to impose on you.
  • She is trying to hold to something that is escaping her.
  • Civic reform is trying to control these conditions.
  • I know he is trying to separate us.
  • He is trying to keep down the fury that is possessing him.
  • A political campaign is trying to everybody.
  • Father, he is trying to get your boots from you.
  • His air was that of one who is trying a subtle test.
  • She is trying to swamp me in words, he told himself.
  • Why, this chap is a writer, or is trying to be.
  • Barton-Massarra is trying to find out.
  • Professor Masson is trying also.
  • He is trying to do it by the regulation German method.
  • You say he is trying to make me deny Richard!
  • He is trying to get us, I am sure.
  • Sir, this man Pozendine is trying to get me into trouble.
  • She is trying to be an all-around Camp Fire Girl.
  • The most intolerant advocate is he who is trying to convince himself.
  • It is trying even if you do not happen to be in love with her at all.
  • Is he in love with her, as he is trying to finish me off too?
  • James is trying to tell his mamma what he has seen in the market.
  • Wisconsin is trying the experiment of two county schools of agriculture.
  • He is trying every one of his patents in the house or grounds.
  • Something in the chimney is trying to imitate that far-away rumbling.
  • He is trying to get out, but the elephant is holding him in.
  • Five days of constant intoxication is trying to the most vigorous frame.
  • And you are the wife of my enemy, the man who is trying to ruin me.
  • Do you notice how every one is trying to avoid the subject of the war?
  • If he is trying to make a record, the temptation is considerable.
  • See how the fog rests upon the river through which the sun is trying to break.
  • I had good reason for believing that somebody is trying to steal yore ranch.

How To Use Is Trying In A Sentence?

  • He who aims for perfection in a trifle is trying to do that trifle holily.
  • He who aims for perfectness in a trifle is trying to do that trifle holily.
  • There was that feeling in the air which shows that the sun is trying to get through the clouds.
  • Meanwhile the company is trying to take the water and the ranchers are trying to prevent them.
  • I wonder if your father has any idea that someone is trying to hurt his business?
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