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  • Like the hedge-hog, which is typically a gypsy animal, he likes better to be eaten by those of his own kind than to be crushed into dirt by those who do not understand him.
  • The delta soil is typically a heavy, black, alluvial clay, very fertile, but difficult to work; admixture of sand is beneficial, and the localities where this occurs yield the best cotton.
  • One of the Sloths reduces the number to six, while another has nine vertebrae in the neck; proving that there is no necessary difference between a mammal and a reptile when judged by a character which is typically so distinctive of mammals as the number of the neck bones.
  • The shorter unabbreviated name Jansz therefore is typically NOT a name from the early 17th century.
  • One likes him because, first of all... he is typically French--a brave soldier, a poet, an ardent patriot, and a delightful madman to boot.
  • And if you _can_ be all these things in weather that is typically English and typically February, then a hat would surely hide your halo.
  • In the manifestos that Kosciuszko issued all through the course of the Rising there is not only the note of the trumpet-call, bidding the people grapple with a task that their leader promises them will be no easy one; there is something more--a hint of the things that are beyond, an undercurrent of the Polish spirituality that confer upon these national proclamations their peculiarly Polish quality, emanating as they do from the pen of a patriot, whose character is typically and entirely Polish.
  • The group is typically represented by _debris_, such as gathers on hill-slopes and at the base of cliffs, by the _sand-hills_ of deserts and maritime districts, and by _soil_. All these accumulations owe their origin to atmospheric agencies, as will be more particularly described in the sequel.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Typically | Is Typically Sentence

  • This type is typically Spanish.
  • The poetry of Shelley in particular is typically poetical.
  • This is typically exemplified in tuberculosis of the lungs.
  • N Laramie Peak, is typically _Z. h. preblei
  • And that is typically French, Madame, or I am an old fool!"

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