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  • He is unable to attend office.
  • Certainly he is unable successfully to resist his foes.
  • What if a bank is unable to redeem its bills?
  • Whoever refuses is unable to buy or sell.
  • But, once started, he is unable to resist the craving.
  • I am sorry that Anne is unable to see you to-day.
  • In either case Czecho-Slovakia is unable to pay.
  • That craft of yours is unable to tow my ship against this wind.
  • He is unable to know everything about the origin of this activity.
  • When a convict is unable to work he is sent to the hospital.
  • The unfortunate lady is unable to give her own name or that of her friends.
  • He is unable to injure them, but their weapons kill him and his neighbors.
  • The average mother of sixty is unable to keep pace with her young daughter.
  • She is unable to awaken her husband, who has been drugged by the second wife.
  • The latter two you must possess, as these the teacher is unable to give you.
  • But, saying that he is willing, shall we concede that he is unable?
  • He sits up on his mattress, looks around, but is unable to understand anything.
  • Husband must furnish support; but wife must contribute, if he is unable.
  • When the Osmia is unable to enter the tube, obviously she will not colonize it.

How To Use Is Unable In A Sentence?

  • The fragment is unable to assimilate its food sufficiently to build up more material.
  • And the soldier who is unable to pass these final tests does not go to the front until he can.
  • Reaches cliff on which the town of the giant is placed, but is unable to scale it.
  • One suspects a special prerequisite for this comparison, but is unable to say what it is.
  • Deep down she longs for love and companionship, but she is unable to express her feelings.
  • And such is the 'habitual' with whom the costly machinery of the law is unable to cope!
  • If a student is unable to distinguish a correct intonation, his voice will not intone correctly.
  • If husband is unable to support family, wife must maintain him and the children.
  • It has reached its limit of inquiry, and is unable to cross the chasm that lies beyond.
  • If her heart is unable to speak and unable to hear, the reason often is that it is dead.
  • The former is unable, the latter unwilling, to master the absolute pre-requisites.
  • Mozart is incomparable, and I am annoyed that he is unable to obtain any court appointment.
  • Husband is legal guardian of children, and must provide; but if he is unable, wife must assist.
  • Wherever Plato is unable to explain anything, he covers up the gap in his system with a myth.
  • This gentleman is an excellent English scholar, can speak Gaelic but is unable to read it.
  • He is unable to do any kind of manual labor and has not done any kind of work for about five years.
  • The most difficult ones to help are those for whom the visitor sees a danger which the girl is unable to anticipate.
  • Often it is impossible, as the girl is unable to care for the child and at the same time support it and herself.
  • Suppose a person having made a bet and lost is unable to pay the money and gives his note for the amount.
  • A nation that is worn out and bled white is unable to bind up its wounds or relieve its bed of suffering.
  • Any one who is unable to explain why the thought resembles the object he mentioned must pay a forfeit.
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