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  • It is unlikely that place would ever be entered by those who are using the shack.
  • And even when that return is obtained, it is unlikely that it will be of so much value.
  • These are almost all caught by summer residents, and it is unlikely that a large per cent.
  • Besides, it is unlikely that copies for kitchen use would be strongly bound in morocco.
  • It is unlikely, therefore, that any classic author would mention them as being seven in number.
  • But that it did so more than did Wales is unlikely, in view of documentary evidence.
  • Thus far we have heard nothing, so a forced landing on British ground is unlikely.
  • But I can say, dear, that after one rescue, a similar temptation is unlikely to master me.
  • It is unlikely that any complete history of these events will ever be written in a form and style which will interest a later generation.
  • In most places, it is unlikely that full-time shelter occupancy would be required for more than a week or two.
  • It is unlikely that anyone else in the village outside of myself and Green and his accomplices know about it.
  • If his provisions enabled him to do this, it is unlikely they would suffice him for a return journey southwards, or an expedition westward.
  • At the time of the siege of Jerusalem he had no literary pretensions, and it is unlikely that he contemplated the writing of a history.
  • She did not reproduce in her first breeding season, unless she did so after September 20, which is unlikely.
  • It is unlikely, except in the United States, that there will be any appreciable surplus for any other purpose.
  • It is unlikely that the world will ever learn the details of the subtle scheme of which the Marchand Mission was a famous part.
  • It is unlikely that the reduction of this percentage will very much more than offset the growth in volume of the reduced percentage due to increased population.
  • These substances were all found to effect a more or less satisfactory coagulation, but it is unlikely that they would be suitable for practical application on a large scale.
  • It is unlikely that Hsia exercised any imperial hegemony over other peoples, since the empire system did not rise till Chou times.
  • It is unlikely that he was consulted about his age, for any future epitaph, since even the necessary making of his will was deferred to the day of his death.
  • Perhaps we will do better sometime, and perhaps, though this is unlikely, the customs inspectors of the future will disguise themselves as gentlemen.
  • One cannot be certain what this means for the future, but it is unlikely that either the swim suit industry or standards of modesty of the near future will permit a total elimination of swimming costume.
  • But although the old cities could never have existed in a complete state of isolation from the outer world, it is unlikely that their inhabitants modelled their deities on those worshipped by groups of aliens.
  • In the past the number engaged in these professions has been negligible, and that any increase in the total of well trained negro professional men will make an immediate change in the attitude of whites is unlikely.
  • Discussion of that idea is unlikely to be harmful; it may be useful; something may come of it that may seem desirable and practicable to substantially all interests and people concerned.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Is Unlikely | Is Unlikely Sentence

  • But this is unlikely.
  • It is unlikely that they will resist the application.
  • It is unlikely that any man so much as heard her.
  • It is unlikely that there are many men in on this plot.
  • It is unlikely that man was ever without these.
  • They may have spoken, but it is unlikely.
  • This, for many reasons, is unlikely.
  • It is unlikely that this story was invented by Sargon.
  • This is unlikely.
  • All we can say about it is that it is unlikely in the extreme.
  • It is unlikely that we shall meet or correspond often again.
  • I could not enlighten him, and he is unlikely now ever to learn the truth.
  • It is unlikely that it is the bootmaker, since your boots are nearly new.
  • A recondite allusion to the secret prayer of the Jews is unlikely.
  • It may even be that Green does not know about it, although that is unlikely.
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