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  • Here the knowledge is vital.
  • She is vital in my life.
  • Life is vital force aroused.
  • And his main contention is vital and valuable.
  • This is vital for the welfare of the coming generation.
  • Therefore it is vital that we guard our public schools.
  • The importance of this latter epoch-making clause is vital.
  • You, who deny a sop to the one hunger which is vital!
  • But I gave what is vital.
  • Here the difference between agriculture and manufacturing trades is vital.
  • Indeed, from this latter exposition itself, all that is vital may be inferred.
  • Experience is not a rigid and closed thing; it is vital, and hence growing.
  • And this work is vital to the world, and, more than all, to your country.
  • Don't you know this project is vital to every person on Earth?
  • No one but myself must know of the secret chamber--that is vital.
  • No, look out for what is vital
  • Impress on him that speed is vital."
  • Will you deny a sop to the one hunger which is vital?"

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  • Where there is life there is heat, where there is vital heat there is movement of moisture.
  • Faith that is vital is not the fruit of things told of, but of things experienced.
  • This problem, over the solution of which our legislators are very anxious, is vital to France.
  • Our lecturer had raised the point that preliminary investigation of a computer system is vital before any seizure is undertaken.
  • It is not merely supposed to produce incentives for innovation by rewarding creators, though that is vital.
  • This line of distinction is vital to an understanding of the question of the duty of truth-speaking, and of the sin of lying.
  • Preference is vital to the future growth of British trade, but it is not only trade which is affected by it.
  • Therefore the insistence upon standardization, even down to the smallest things, is vital for achieving the greatest output.
  • As yet this class of people is relatively unorganized, but the movement is growing and the need of well-trained leadership is vital.
  • I will say nothing more; readers are prepared to believe that he, beyond others, should conquer difficulties when the object is vital to him.
  • And for Arnold this is vital, seeing that the watchword of the culture he proclaims is Know Thyself.
  • I deem it of great importance that this point should be fully and often presented, because it is vital, and because there are constant attempts made to obscure it.
  • The statement through imaginative thinking, which is vital thinking, may be invested with personal significance and become a personally interesting fact.
  • Perhaps the best way to make the distinction plain to the reader is to persist in discussing what is vital and enduring, pointedly passing over what may happen to be accidentally popular.
  • They pose as government agents in such functions as the transportation and monetary, of which efficient, cheap, and impartial performance is vital to the general welfare.
  • Here the witness of Roman Catholicism to the necessity of international Christianity is vital to the ideal of a reunited Christendom.
  • All that is vital in his ethical, social, and educational theories depends ultimately upon the special interpretation of the function of knowledge which constitutes his chief claim to philosophical distinction.
  • The material furnished by way of information should be relevant to a question that is vital in the student's own experience.
  • I heard you speak once, but you did not answer this question--to my mind the only question that is vital.
  • We have forms of the supernatural in which we believe from acquiescence of habit, but they are not vital; we have a form of the supernatural in which, from logic and habit, we disbelieve, but which is vital; and this form of the supernatural is the ghostly.
  • So great is the power of love that, extracting all the truth from the world as men have made it, it sweeps the rest away and begins again, discarding, destroying, but most tenderly preserving all that is vital and of worth.
  • Therein they justify their opposition to German naval expansion, and while conceding that naval supremacy is vital and indispensable to England, continue: "Boundless plans are veiled beneath the Navy Bill (1897).
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