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  • Poor as the island was, this was the opportunity.
  • They have women from some island far to the east.
  • They put us on the island carefully guarded on all sides.
  • Kangaroo Island is reached and passed.
  • Francis Island can go to hell for all of me.
  • Find the great island named Australia.
  • Ischia: an island in the bay of Naples.
  • Barataria, the island of, 222, 223, 250.
  • A diver from Easter Island got them for me inside a week.
  • But they're not island men.
  • Some of us have been to a large island that has been built up into a city.
  • This island has been uninhabited probably since the dawn of ages.
  • He tells us that the island was covered with trees like an orchard.
  • The news of the visit of the white men spread from island to island.
  • The forest-clad interior of the vast island remains an unknown wilderness.
  • It includes all of the Dominion of Canada and the Island of Newfoundland.
  • Capri: an island in the Mediterranean, best known for the Blue Grotto.
  • The question was, on which side of the island was the rabbit's hole?

How To Use Island In A Sentence?

  • There is neither an island nor a reef by which we can regulate the chronometer.
  • Renouard had rendered to his assistant before leaving the island on this trip to town.
  • The day of the council found the population of the island crowded into the capital.
  • The history of the island for the last ten thousand years is nothing but love affairs.
  • One of our great resorts on winter evenings was to an island which bordered a disused mill-dam.
  • The people on the island are able to raise little but grass to feed their sheep and cattle.
  • Ashore early, he strolled across the little island to the barracks occupied by the divers.
  • Here the railway crosses a stream, which encircles a little island just north of the bridge.
  • Brown, who might have been other things than the mate of an island schooner, was enchanted.
  • This little island is today the centre of the wealth, of the solid civilization, of the world.
  • The next day we passed Stromboli, an island formed by a large volcano rising out of the sea.
  • This was the dank, fat, savage island of New Gibbon, lying fifty miles to leeward of Choiseul.
  • They told of the three spikes in the trees on the beach, but where the island was they did not know.
  • He wouldn't find these things prevailing to any noticeable extent in his native island now.
  • Unfortunately there was no boat leaving for that island for four days, and thus the question arose what to do with those days.
  • The soil of his native island seemed to be turned into gold-dust; and every field teemed with treasure.
  • Yet this small, originally infertile island has been for two centuries, and is today, the most vital influence on the globe.
  • He had only taken a short flight, for his wife was hatching an egg, and he kept comparatively near the island where her nest was situated.
  • We at length anchored close under a ledge of rocky coast, on the eastern side of the island of Manhata.
  • Like some fair island in a stormtoss'd sea, Or pause in music of the eternal choir.
  • From the masthead, across the palm-fringe, a Kanaka announced the lagoon and a small island in the middle.
  • And it was he who reconciled the warring chief-stocks of Tahiti and swung the great deal of the phosphate island of Hikihu.

Definition of Island

(transitive) To surround with water; make into an island. | (transitive) To set, dot (as if) with islands. | (transitive) To isolate.
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