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  • Do not isolate yourself.
  • To isolate an experience is to misinterpret it.
  • Islam cannot break away and isolate itself if it would.
  • Besides, patents isolate the inventor.
  • The first important step is, first isolate your bacillus.
  • Is it advisable to isolate difficulties and practice them separately?
  • Guess you'd better isolate the baby.
  • With you helping, we can isolate the thing that triggered you out of this.
  • But you can also isolate any one of these sensations by shutting out the rest.
  • All attempts to isolate the element resulted in failure until recent years.
  • Every science is obliged to isolate one aspect of reality in this way.
  • He has to minimise it, to isolate it, to keep it out of mischief.
  • Then, when advisable, isolate those difficulties and practice them separately.
  • If you isolate a thing, you may get the pure essence of gravity.
  • The first effect of these rumors was to isolate Maitre Cornelius.

How To Use Isolate In A Sentence?

  • Interruption of this stream would effectively isolate aquatic habitats in the basin.
  • I think it will be best to isolate this case till we see the nature of the fever.
  • In 1344 we find measures taken for the first time to isolate the priory from the city.
  • The attempt to isolate any logical category and regard it as fixed and stable thus proves futile.
  • His aim was not to isolate us, but to get us to take part in the already established concert.
  • The only remedy for that was to isolate the King so that no unauthorised word could penetrate to him.
  • If any of the animals die, make complete post-mortem examinations and endeavour to isolate the pathogenic organisms.
  • Artists, historians of art, and critics are forced to isolate pictures; and it is of profit to their souls to do so.
  • Davy studied later the compounds of fluorine, and though unable to isolate the element, conjectured its likeness to chlorine.
  • The two courts which follow and isolate the second pylon are severally 113 feet by 140, and 126 feet by 136.
  • Unfortunately I have yet been unable to isolate what causes the female principle here; so this is not a possibility yet.
  • She tried to pray again, to isolate herself in prayer; to not hear the noises from without, transmitted through the walls with a tone of despair.
  • Some natures cannot bear sorrow: it makes them irritable, and, instead of drawing them closer to their own, tends to isolate them.
  • Flashman left no slander unspoken, and no deed undone, which could in any way hurt his victims, or isolate them from the rest of the house.
  • The stillness, so characteristic of the place, seemed to isolate it from the whole world, save when a distant bell musically announced the hour.
  • Captain Edwards put them into a round-house, built on the after part of the quarter-deck, in order to isolate them from the crew.
  • He could isolate himself completely in the midst of the various noises of his family, or the conversation of the drawing-room if he had no part in it.
  • At Kalouga they could at any moment advance on to his line of communication, cut off all his supplies, and isolate him from France.
  • Why had he chosen to isolate himself from his fellow-workmen, who herded together near the town where they could slip down to the saloons after their work?
  • In the manufacture of picric acid the first obvious and most necessary precaution is to isolate the substance from other chemicals with which it might accidentally come into contact.
  • If you attempt to isolate thought in order to ponder over it, you can only do so because that thought has been experienced by you and therefore was in every instance attached to some worldly object.
  • But if we isolate this by making a statue of him, we have only an apotheosis of cocked-hat and small-clothes, in which we see what it really was to us.
  • I think, a young man or woman admitted to their inner ranks who did not possess in some measure a certain quality very difficult to isolate and define.
  • A fret is a series of highly conventionalized spirals: translate it from angular to curved and we have the wave-band; isolate it and we have the volute.
  • If either or both of the inoculated animals succumb, make complete post-mortem examination and endeavour to isolate the pathogenic organisms from the local lesion.

Definition of Isolate

(transitive) To set apart or cut off from others. | (transitive) To place in quarantine or isolation. | (transitive, chemistry) To separate a substance in pure form from a mixture.
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