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  • Israel has reached Horeb.
  • That Egypt must have exercised an influence upon Israel has long been known.
  • "Surely the God of Israel has smitten Claridge Pasha sorely.

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  • Israel has for the time being been hardened that the Gentiles may be brought in.
  • In the great drama he is unfolding in the earth Israel has a principal part to play.
  • From a cluster of tribes Israel has become a nation, and has begun to think of itself as a unity.
  • It has befallen me that this moment the God of Israel has spoken and my ear has heard his command.
  • For we have no helper, and the God of Israel has sold us into the hands of the Assyrians.
  • Assyrians or Babylonians, without whom no picture of the Day of the Lord in the pre-exilic prophets would be complete, are not here; Israel has disappeared.
  • "I begin with the patriarch Jacob, whose name Israel has been appropriated from his day to this time to the true church.
  • It touches my lord and governor, because, knowing all this, I am fled from Bethulia, which shall be accurst; and the God of Israel has sent me to work things with my lord and governor whereat the whole earth shall be astonished.
  • It springs from the view that Israel, the seed of Abraham, was the church in the past and that since Israel has rejected Christ, the Christian Church has become Israel and all the promises made to Israel are now being fulfilled in a spiritual way.
  • The fate of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel has always excited interest, and a legend arose that they had been converted to Christianity, and existed somewhere in the East under a king who was also a priest, and known as Prester John.
  • It is to be noted that, whereas the other places or peoples named in the inscription have the determinative for "country," "Israel" has the determinative for "men"; perhaps an evidence that the reference is not to the land of Israel, or to Israel permanently settled, but to a tribe or people at the time without a settled abode.
  • THE BLESSING OF MAZZOL TOV (good fortune) because the Lord God of Israel has raised thee to fame and glory and has given to thee a seat of honor among the mighty of the earth.
  • Tell her, too, that the Glory of Israel has departed, and that I would drown myself if it were not for my clothes, which I fear Mrs. Grundy would wear out!'"
  • " If that were endured, already she _has_ perished: and the glory of Israel has departed.
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