It May In A Sentence

How To Use It May In A Sentence?

  • It may shift for itself.
  • It may do so in some cases.
  • But it may be worth my while.
  • It may exist under ours.
  • It may be your cousin.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For It May | It May Sentence

  • But be that as it may.
  • Yet it may not be so.
  • It may have been so.
  • It may have been that.
  • It may be that he will.
  • Oh that it may be so!
  • It may be that they did.
  • And indeed it may have been.
  • But it may break out again.
  • But it may be too late then.
  • It may be that of many.
  • It may have been the same case with me.
  • And so it may be with any of us.
  • But it may scare them.
  • I hope it may be so now.
  • It may be necessary to do so.
  • Some of it may be near here.
  • It may be so with nations.
  • Heaven grant it may be so.
  • It may have been that hog.
  • But it may be all just gossip.
  • It may be a telegram.
  • It may be the making of him.
  • After all it may have been true.
  • It may be a lunatic.
  • It may not be an engine.
  • Catch her in her speech if it may be.
  • It may have been better so.
  • And yet it may be so.
  • It may be that he had none.
  • Will you pray that it may be so?
  • And with us it may be more than that.
  • With her it may have been different.
  • Yet it may be it is all for the best.
  • God grant that it may be so!
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