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  • It offers many advantages.
  • It offers so much wider opportunities.
  • It offers no further explanation and gives no cause.
  • To moderate capitalists it offers many advantages.
  • It offers a lesson even more vital than the opportunity.
  • It offers a little world for autocracy to vaunt itself.
  • It offers him a springy mattress for his bed, as well.
  • On a nearer view, it offers little to detain the traveller.
  • It offers a kind of ease, but it is fleshly, worldly ease.
  • It offers no theory whatever about the origin of the universe.
  • It offers gross flattery as the price of adhesion and support.
  • It offers no such shield as is afforded by a high mountain range.
  • It offers economic independence within the shelter of the home.
  • It offers examples of almost every stage of moral development.
  • It offers pictures or reports rather than analyses of religious experience.
  • First, it offers an incentive to create the work in the first place.
  • While still essentially monastic, it offers salvation and a way of life to all.
  • Champollion, Jr. and the advantage which it offers to sacred criticism.
  • It offers you a novel of modern Japan and a history of Venice of the past.

How To Use It Offers In A Sentence?

  • It offers no such guarantees as were once possessed by some, that they should in no case suffer.
  • It offers all its kingdoms to man as the raw material which he may mould into what is useful.
  • To the producer it offers a wider market and to the consumer a more varied source of supply.
  • Even if this is true, it offers no parallel to the condition of things in our own cities.
  • Washington is our nearest approach to such a meeting-place, but it offers only short vistas.
  • Accustomed to live in the present, they use every pleasure as soon as it offers itself.
  • There are angles of resistance to be calculated, too, so it offers a decent problem.
  • What a bold front it offers to the waves, and how safely it resists the fury of the storm.
  • It offers the aid of the strong, who can manage well, to the weak and inexperienced.
  • On the other hand it offers little "head resistance" and so permits a high speed.
  • To these considerations the Court suggests no reply, and upon them it offers no criticism.
  • It offers hell and heaven, advancing inevitable, and leaves us never a dodge from choice.
  • Until then let it be the stage; only I ask you to strive for the very best it offers.
  • But if we turn to pathology, it offers us some remarkable approximations to true Xenogenesis.
  • It offers for consideration two faces, two sides, a base, and a point or summit.
  • We bless Thee, Lord, for the new day and for the new chance which it offers to our wayward lives.
  • Ought we not to take advantage of this example and use the suggestion it offers for bridging over the differences that we complain of?
  • A mere suggestion only can be given here of the full enjoyment afforded by a careful study of what it offers.
  • The one weakness of college life is that the opportunities it offers come before we are competent to appreciate or embrace them.
  • For this reason, it offers a positive hindrance to the success of any exercises for attaining intuition.
  • It offers the joy of home and the joy of camping, the charm of strangeness and the charm of familiarity.
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