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  • I just shifted it onto other shoulders than ours.
  • I loosened the rope from my waist and tied it onto the keybar.
  • Eagerly Elephant snatched it up in his trunk and flung it onto his back.
  • Don't you know no better than to put it onto a newspaper guy?
  • Blackstock slipped a leash from his pocket and clipped it onto Jim's collar.
  • The catcher got the ball and put it onto Frank--an instant too late!
  • He clapped it onto his face and beamed hopefully. "
  • "You played it onto 'em good.
  • : consequently, it heaves it onto you."

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  • Say I murmur fool talk about putting it onto the green and bawling on the bunkers.
  • In his right hand he carried a rifle which was new to that part of the country, and he slid it onto the counter.
  • Lifting it onto its stand, he pushed his goggles up on his forehead, and looked around for his late rival.
  • He turned speechless to the others and saw Hicks lift a biscuit on high about to dash it onto the cabin floor.
  • He dashed it onto the floor and hollered out, "You didn't tell me nothin' about it!
  • That fellow Offitt robbed and tried to murder Captain Farnham last night, and then swore it onto me.
  • The Americans had just finished a new suspension bridge, and hooked it onto the Canada side, just belo the Falls.
  • After the 343 was torpedoed, an ensign grabbed up the code-book chest, tossed it onto his shoulder, and waltzed out of the ward-room passage and onto deck with it.
  • The squeak of my match sounded as loud as the scraping of a brake, and I almost fancied I heard it fall when I tossed it onto the grass.
  • He had searched for the bracelet on the right wrist, but, after all, perhaps the Egyptian might have slipped it onto her left wrist in her hurry to get back.
  • Then he took more cabbage, carrots and onions until his plate was full, and having put it onto the table, he sat down before it, cut the meat into four pieces, and dined as if he had been at home.
  • Faye ejected the Helen Fryer disc and tossed it onto the bed next to the player, then slid the Kelly Travis disc in and pressed play.
  • I wanted to tell the stories at once, but this is a busy world and story-telling is only play, so there were many things to be done before I could sit down to my desk and hold my pen while the stories slid out of it onto paper.
  • Amid roars of laughter the column stopped until he had recovered it and re-wedged it onto the wheel, and at the next nooning stop he drove the wagon into a trickle of water running down the middle of the river bed and spent most of his time backing and pulling to get every part of the wheels soaked.
  • Suddenly, as they got to the gate of Le Harivan's farm yard, he gave a leap as he was lifting up his arms, but unfortunately, as he came down, he knocked against the side of the long wagon, fell over it onto the wheel, and rebounded into the road.
  • As the engine had run off the rails, the very first thing to do was evidently to get it onto them again; then as there was a gap in the line, the simplest thing to do was to run back to Tchertchen, and wait there until the company's workmen had repaired the damage, which they could easily do in a couple of days.
  • To Twichell Clemens wrote: We have a luxuriously ample suite of apartments on the third floor, our bedroom looking straight up Portland Place, our parlor having a noble array of great windows looking out upon both streets (Portland Place and the crook that joins it onto Regent Street).
  • She threw the type together, threw it onto the press and off again; slammed the print-shop door shut; mounted her old white horse, and with a gallon pail--filled with water at the trough--tied to the saddlehorn, went loping back to her claim four or five miles away.
  • He had got on a red woolen underskirt and his dressin' gown over it kinder floated back from it, and he had took out of my trunk a switch of hair that Tirzah Ann had put in, thinkin' mebby I would want to dress my head different in foreign countries; I hadn't wore it at all, and it wuz clear in the bottom of my trunk, but he had got at it somehow and had fastened it onto his head, and it hung down his back and ended with a big broad, red ribbin bow; it was one of Tommy's neck-ties.
  • Hereafter it was hers to create the home her mother had relinquished; hers to make ends meet somehow, if only in the accepted Irish way of "cutting a piece off one end and tying it onto the other"; hers to keep out of her father's eyes a certain baffled, hunted look which Joan associated with men who came to collect bills, referred to grimly by Ellen as "the Indians."
  • And he'd got all my jewelry--every mite on't--and had fastened it onto him on different places, and all of Tommy's ribbins to tie his collar with, wuz made into bows and pinned onto him, and my C. E. badge and W. C. T. U. bow of white ribbin, and he had got my big palm leaf fan and had tied a big, red bow on't, and he wuz standin' before the glass fannin' himself and cranin' his neck one way and tother to see how he looked and admire himself, I spoze.
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