It Seem In A Sentence

How To Use It Seem In A Sentence?

  • Nor did it seem to surprise him when he finally found out what it was.
  • Doesn't it seem strange!
  • If only he could make it seem to her the simple thing it was to him!
  • It was this that made it seem as if the losses had been all on one side.
  • It was very pleasant and made it seem more as if he were living in a home.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For It Seem | It Seem Sentence

  • Does it seem so to you?
  • Nor did it seem of any moment.
  • Does it seem reasonable?
  • Did it seem possible?
  • Made it seem that she inclines to him?
  • And how can it seem other than a dream?
  • How gloomy and lonely did it seem.
  • Does it seem natural to be formal here?
  • Use him if it seem good to thee.
  • Scarce true doth it seem.
  • This made it seem all the more ridiculous.
  • That made it seem so strange.
  • Does it seem like a real lemon?
  • Nor did it seem likely that any one would.
  • He says it makes it seem more natural.
  • Its very definiteness makes it seem possible of attainment.
  • The more we examined it, the more did it seem sculptured.
  • The end, would it seem?
  • How would it seem to have a wife who could play the piano?
  • That made it seem more than ever like a real camp.
  • I mean, did it seem to make sense?
  • He added another one to it to make it seem more natural.
  • If it seem good to thee, deny him again.
  • God in the world, need it seem hypocritical.
  • What had made it seem so queer, all of a sudden?
  • But, oh! how different did it seem to be!
  • They seek to make it seem less strange, 11.
  • The more I thought of this the more feasible did it seem.
  • It was not come yet, however, nor did it seem to be coming.
  • Do you, if it seem so blessed to you, make cotton cheaper.
  • Only when Soolsby came did it seem to lessen.
  • Does it seem ludicrous, Pest?
  • I can't make it seem true, that it's her lying in there.
  • Does it seem presumptuous in me to say it, Fidelia?
  • Wouldn't it seem queer?
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