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  • It suggests that there was in fact no clear distinction between doctors and witches or sorcerers.
  • It suggests very forcibly the danger to the community in continuing to ignore their special needs.
  • It suggests that the army of rural progress shall march with the wings abreast the center.
  • It suggests, in fact, that we should not be late by offering us this small bonus.
  • If this light should prove to be identical with the U-rays it suggests a further conspiracy.
  • In so far as the crest is reptilian it suggests the remarkable crest of the Chameleon.
  • To the thinking individual it suggests the need of serious, whole-souled, conscientious effort.
  • It suggests extreme remoteness, but tolerance, even benevolence, if he is let alone.
  • It suggests the round hut of the Eskimo or of the ancient Gael, with its central chimney.
  • It suggests that our Lord Jesus is taking the next direct step in His broader plan.
  • It suggests to them that they will do well not to trample on this monster or they may suffer themselves.
  • The meaning conveyed by any philosophical term consists largely of the distinctions which it suggests.
  • Our author further combats the idea of substance by appealing to the metaphysical difficulties that it suggests.
  • This bit of natural surface is such that it suggests the specimen to have been made of a prismatic basaltic column.
  • It suggests to us that all the other elements in proportion to their weight have concealed within them similar stores of energy.
  • To get" is an unhappy phrase for it suggests that children must be coaxed to the task.
  • It suggests also that the relative plenty or scarcity of the different kinds of labor is the chief explanation of these wage differences.
  • It suggests its limitless application to all the human race, even if dwelling in the remotest part of the earth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For It Suggests | It Suggests Sentence

  • It suggests such possibilities.
  • It suggests the absolute.
  • It suggests a gigantic crozier.
  • It suggests a tuberculous origin.
  • The thought of it suggests lunch.
  • It suggests cheese to them every time.
  • It suggests beautiful faraway things.
  • It suggests the policeman going his rounds.
  • All the plans which it suggests seem possible.
  • It suggests no simple recipe for the conquest of fear.
  • Altogether, it suggests a giant piece of celery.
  • To the ordinary individual it suggests the Caribbean Sea.
  • For in this connection it suggests the influence of companionships.
  • It suggests thoughts of death and judgment and everlasting existence.
  • It suggests the thumps affected by our yokels in their moments of gallantry.
  • It is not strong, but it suggests itself as a means to the desired end.
  • A single object is only so far beautiful as it suggests this universal grace.
  • It suggests an idea of government made pestiferous by old abuse.
  • It suggests no crystal waters, no picturesque shores, no sublimity.
  • And, better yet, it suggests the feelings which prompted the talk.
  • It suggests to the mind a grand, vague, impressive new kind of a cow.
  • Although not signed it suggests and resembles the work of Peter Rindisbacher.
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