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  • Each had a special work to do, and was performing it to the best of its ability.
  • We continue to concern ourselves with its ability to take in, not its capacity to give out.
  • Water is remarkable for its ability to dissolve other substances, and is the best solvent known.
  • In proportion with its ability, be it repeated, since its ability is singularly hampered.
  • The value of this new product consists in its ability to evolve Acetylene gas in large quantities.
  • The government will support you to the utmost of its ability, which is neither more nor less than it has done and will do for all commanders.
  • Its ability to lift itself must depend upon either the employment of large balloons or upon sheer power.
  • Should any limit be placed by the constitution of a State upon its ability to contract indebtedness?
  • Some other metals possess this same power, notably palladium, which is remarkable for its ability to absorb hydrogen.
  • Its ability to alloy with silver finds application in the separation of silver from lead (see silver).
  • The true value of every sort of journalism, and of discussion also, is in its integrity much more than in its ability.
  • Here, as in earlier exhibitions, a majority of those who saw the apparatus in operation remained unconvinced of its ability to serve mankind.
  • The Government will support you to the utmost of its ability, which is neither more nor less than it has done and will do for all commanders.
  • The Government will support you to the utmost of its ability, which is neither more nor less than it has done and will do for all commanders.
  • They have a large democratic Press that will not hesitate to tell them that, that does already to the best of its ability disillusion them.
  • Even a very harsh tone may be beautiful in its right place, owing to its relation to other tones, and its ability to express an idea.
  • The great value of the electromagnet lies in its ability to readily discharge, or go back to the neutral state, when the current is broken.
  • The grass, we say, is alive: but its life consists in its ability to express that essential something which we here term spirit.
  • The measure of success in a club is its ability to make people want to join it, and that seems to be best demonstrated and preserved by keeping most of them out.
  • It needed only that an insignificant member of the genus should have been found among the dead embers of a fire to prove at once the invulnerability of the reptile and its ability to extinguish the flames.
  • So self-evident appears this power that the popular notion scoffs at the idea of science modestly disclaiming its ability to separate the one group of living beings from the other.
  • From the first there seems to have been no doubt of its ability to do so, although, unhappily, the records which have been preserved of the teaching of its earliest days are few and obscure.
  • The submarine as a type of war vessel possesses no unusual characteristics different from those of other naval craft, with the single exception of its ability to submerge for a limited time.
  • For reasons not finally established, the ability of the magneto telephone to produce large currents from large sounds is not equal to its ability to produce large sounds from large currents.
  • Its ability to find a sure footing on even smoothly glaciated rocks is due to the peculiar structure of the feet, which have a rubber-like pad beneath the sharp-pointed and sharp-edged hoofs.
  • They are great gamblers, their chief game being a guessing contest, where sides are chosen, the fortune of each side depending on its ability to guess who holds a certain decorated stick.
  • His nomination may justify the impression that the Republican Party was in doubt as to its ability to re-elect Mr. Lincoln in 1864.
  • But the college should put renewed emphasis upon its ability to send well-trained men to the farms, there to live their lives, there to find their careers, and there to lead in the movements for rural progress.
  • German sea-power was to be made strong enough to attract allies by its ability to rally all free nations without any curatorship by the Anglo-Saxons.
  • Another feature of the organ, not possible in the piano, is its ability of making the "crescendo" (a gradual increase of strength or volume) in single tones or chords.
  • As reported by cable despatch, the British Government has definitely reached the decision to put the convoy system into operation as far as its ability goes.
  • The attempt, both in its spirit and its ability, was not unworthy of being part of the general effort to raise the standard of thought and teaching in the English Church.
  • We kept informing the atmosphere as to the glory and preeminence of the United States and its ability to subdue, outjump, and eradicate the other nations of the earth.
  • Coming upon the last photograph without having found a solution of the riddle of Two-Hawks he relaxed the mental pressure; and his sight reestablished its ability to focus.
  • His second article is the connection of the individual intellect with the primal mind, and its ability to draw thence wisdom, will, virtue, prudence, heroism, all active and passive qualities.
  • History certainly shows that the fuller application of great inventions has been slow, though Professor Nicholson somewhat over-estimates the mobility of labour and its ability to provide against impending changes.
  • In reality, however, the musk-ox is more goat-like than sheep-like, as is indicated by its covering of hair, its short sturdy legs, the cannon-bone being remarkably short, and its ability as a climber.
  • The small farm family, shorn of its ability to manufacture, even in a crude way; for shoes, clothing, bedding and table linen, must patronize factories located in distant cities.
  • And then Mrs. Harrigan launched the thunderbolt which, having been held on the leash for several hours, had, for all of that, lost none of its ability to blight and scorch.

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