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  • But it was not in its main lines an experiment.
  • Omdurman drew its main supplies of corn.
  • Its main use is in the manufacture of aniline.
  • It had gone right on with its main business.
  • The plot failed in its main purpose.
  • Its main object is sufficiently indicated by its name.
  • Its main divisions are: 1.
  • And this forms its main interest at the present time.
  • Education in co-operative buying is its main purpose.
  • Its main stimulus we are told was frankly human.
  • Now its main business is to hold them down while they are being robbed.
  • Sociable intercourse while traveling is one of its main attractions.
  • I can assure my readers that in its main particulars it is a true tale.
  • Its main function had come to be that of a final court of appeal.
  • This is the story; not an impossible or improbable one in its main outlines.
  • The flat roofs of its main street still preserved a frontier appearance.
  • You are surprised, perhaps, to hear me call this its main business.
  • The navy, as now constituted, has for its main backbone fifty-four ironclads.
  • In its main outlines, the view has become the accepted Anglican view.
  • What is known as the Picturesque School soon had for its main exponent Repton.
  • Population Statistics, his department, had its main offices in New Copenhagen.

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  • Where each bay or compartment is divided by its main ribs into six portions.
  • The purchase of these works would have deprived the whole munition industry of its main support.
  • If we look at it through her eyes, we shall find this similarity its main drawback.
  • This arduous, but happily successful, enterprise will now be described in its main outlines.
  • Its main thesis is a generalization which, if true, is applicable to all schools and all epochs.
  • Even a brief summary of its main features would take an able speaker at least a couple of hours.
  • The words of the little woman had gone straight to each heart, be its main-spring what it might.
  • Christianity is all of a piece, and, its main prop gone it must fall like a house of cards.
  • But, in fact, its main permanent interest arises from the persons who played the leading parts.
  • Its houses were set hit-and-miss, thickly dotting the prairie around its main street.
  • This inquiry enables us to reconstruct in its main outlines the tradition of the Persians.
  • The position of the fortress is extremely strong and not unlike Gibraltar in its main features.
  • The narrative returns to its main subject: the history of the sanctuary at Jerusalem.
  • The undercurrent was unfathomable to Williams, though he guessed its main drift.
  • The city has seven gates, and two castles, at the east and west, form its main defence.
  • Its main features were roughly built cottages, sorrily kept potato plots, pigsties, and smells.
  • His character in its main bearings is by no means unfamiliar in the House of Commons.
  • There are 1013 acres in the park, its Main Drive, including the panhandle, being 4 1/2 miles long.
  • The Paris-Lyon-Mediterranee railway serves the department, its main line passing through Dijon.
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