Its Own In A Sentence

How To Use Its Own In A Sentence?

  • Each being has no doubt its own end in itself.
  • Methought it was confuted by its own extravagance.
  • Vice is its own proper punishment.
  • Every family has its own house.
  • Something plastered on with a life of its own.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Its Own | Its Own Sentence

  • It has a life of its own.
  • Each continent has its own.
  • Now it comes into its own.
  • Grief had marked her for its own.
  • It has its own governor.
  • Each has a station of its own.
  • Serve it up with its own gravy.
  • Egypt has a system of its own.
  • Virtue is its own reward.
  • Money has a language of its own.
  • It is its own reason.
  • The steel has its own will.
  • It is its own purpose.
  • Absorption claimed him for its own.
  • Each of them has its own name.
  • Itself is its own authority.
  • His imagination had no will of its own.
  • Tyranny had marked them for its own.
  • Showdown had troubles of its own.
  • But in its own way it is unsurpassable.
  • Each month had one of its own.
  • Which could not hold its own.
  • My room had no door of its own.
  • It pleads its own cause.
  • But its own colonel was not there to see.
  • Each province has its own capital.
  • Each keeps its own round.
  • The stores of infinitude are all its own!
  • Every human individual has its own.
  • Honor at that board is its own reward.
  • The world claims its own again.
  • Every country has its own ways.
  • Will its own worth supply.
  • Knowledge for its own sake is not desired.
  • Quality has a real existence of its own.
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