Its Power In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Its Power | Its Power Sentence

  • Who can defy its power?
  • Its power was prodigious.
  • But had she kept its power?
  • It was indescribable in its power.
  • Its power is perfectly marvellous.
  • How can that influence differ in its power?
  • Its power of endurance was incredible.
  • The anaesthesia was losing its power.
  • All its power will come from the people.
  • Its power was virtually nil.
  • They are proud of it and have faith in its power.
  • There the nation was concentrating its power.
  • It draws its power from the invisible.
  • It was the beginning of the end of its power.
  • Would you witness a proof of its power?
  • I knew its power well enough.
  • He thus succeeds in augmenting its power.
  • And its power does not extend to the things of nature.
  • For a time the spectre of fear had me in its power.
  • Then it began to regain its power of speech.
  • The possession of this quality is the test of its power.
  • Clothing differs in its power of radiating heat.
  • Yet did the glowing west in all its power 1827.
  • As yet its power possibilities are not developed.
  • Mysticism corrupts sentiment by exaggerating its power.
  • Superstition gets its power from the terror of death.
  • The opium held him fast in its power.
  • He received the truth in its love and in its power.
  • He had failed to catch its charm and to feel its power.
  • His pen seemed suddenly to have lost its power.
  • Then the vibration of life loses its power of tyranny.
  • She went on diluting it till it lost all its power.
  • Religion got much of its power from the terror of death.
  • Make no effort to suppress the tone or increase its power.
  • They ask us what we mean by talking of its power.

How To Use Its Power In A Sentence?

  • She thought only of its power, which she acclaimed.
  • This gives much greater force to its power of grasping.
  • Its power to soothe, and cool the fevered lip.
  • But even steam may be robbed of its power to annoy us.
  • Make a disease a household word, and its power is gone.
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