Its Purpose In A Sentence

How To Use Its Purpose In A Sentence?

  • The horrors of the rack, however, failed in its purpose.
  • The key, having served its purpose, would be hurled away.
  • Its purpose may have changed: Yai!
  • But it served its purpose: it was a Republican manifesto.
  • Its purpose was the organization of a Cuban Republic.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Its Purpose | Its Purpose Sentence

  • What was its purpose?
  • It had served its purpose.
  • Was such its purpose originally?
  • War is its theme but not its purpose.
  • It has served its purpose.
  • Its purpose is obvious.
  • It has served its purpose.
  • But it served its purpose.
  • But ugliest of all was its purpose.
  • The fire had been used for its purpose.
  • It was clear its purpose was not robbery.
  • However, it achieved its purpose.
  • At last its purpose seemed to be accomplished.
  • Nevertheless, its purpose was accomplished.
  • I have discovered the great principle of its purpose!
  • But the counter-irritant failed of its purpose.
  • That was its purpose, and such was its effect.
  • The tannery has served its purpose for the present.
  • That it would fulfil its purpose she did not doubt.
  • But nothing could divert it from its purpose.
  • On the contrary, its purpose is commendable.
  • Its purpose was to allow a better electrical contact.
  • Its will is the agent, and its purpose is the action done.
  • It was a dangerous game, but it served its purpose.
  • He tried to, but the lunch did not answer its purpose.
  • Its purpose was vague, but the impulse was irresistible.
  • If such assimilation takes place, what is its purpose?
  • Besides, such an act would not serve its purpose.
  • I scarcely need say that the offer failed in its purpose.
  • That ring of steel had so far well served its purpose.
  • However, should it be so, my task has served its purpose.
  • Its purpose was to rout out the Swedes.
  • Second John is perfectly definite in its purpose.
  • Its purpose, however, is non-academic in the extreme.
  • This essay accomplished its purpose in the Assembly.
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