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  • Science tended more and more to separate itself from life.
  • A figure separated itself from the armed mass.
  • A tall figure disengaged itself from the surrounding night.
  • The whole system checked itself from the central points.
  • The Pinnacle itself from the gap is perhaps 25 ft.
  • The head of a Rokuro-Kubi separates itself from its body.
  • It is claimed then that the soul has separated itself from the body.
  • It seems to me as if my pain were gradually separating itself from my life.
  • It detached itself from my lips and fell slowly by her side.
  • Moreover, the general will scarcely differs in itself from force.
  • No unit of the social body can disentangle itself from existing conditions.
  • What often manifests itself from the want of proper intervals of rest?
  • Then the muzzle suddenly detached itself from the imagined form behind.
  • Its donjon announces itself from afar as a magnificent feudal ruin.
  • It has even its perversions, when love hardly knows itself from hate.
  • He uttered a cry of horror; his lower jaw separated itself from the upper.
  • How can the New Life deliver itself from the still-persistent past?
  • It went on independently of Mr. Vinrace, and tended to hide itself from him.

How To Use Itself From In A Sentence?

  • The view that presents itself from that peak is of the most extraordinary character.
  • Her only reply was an inarticulate noise that seemed to tear itself from her breast.
  • The war of words translated itself from time to time into the breaking of heads.
  • Without them no people can control itself, or save itself from being controlled from the outside.
  • In the hallway a heavy figure lifted itself from a chair in a corner as he came out.
  • He means that in the future life itself reason has no memory of itself from moment to moment.
  • He could see a shadow detach itself from the patch of gloom in front of him and approach.
  • A ribbon of slidewalk split itself from the main band and angled off into a short alley.
  • A dog detached itself from behind the vehicle and came to bark furiously at his feet.
  • But one little group seemed to me to detach itself from the rest with a bolder confidence.
  • Slowly the snake had lifted itself from the box, to glare at several of the boys.
  • But a loyal movement can never save itself from condemnation at the hands of this powerful class.
  • Modern agriculture will allow a city in revolt to free itself from the combined bourgeois forces.
  • It clears itself from chemicals; does not clear itself from mechanical mixtures as mud and clay.
  • At the first shot the revolver jerked itself from his feeble grasp and clattered upon the floor.
  • According to Tolstoi, art began to degenerate when it separated itself from religion.
  • The cloud is a mass of moist air, which is warm air, introducing itself from some milder region.
  • Firstly, philosophy in India has never separated itself from religious and practical needs.
  • It was a chance, too, I will venture to say, that will never offer itself from any other quarter.
  • The cup, the cup itself, from which our Lord Drank at the last sad supper with his own.
  • Theology differentiates itself from other departments of knowledge, as to its source and its effects.
  • This is how the problem manifested itself from the realm of programming into the realm of real life.

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