Itself Into In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Itself Into | Itself Into Sentence

  • It all resolves itself into this.
  • Surely it has slept itself into silence.
  • It burned itself into their minds.
  • Mind translates itself into flesh and blood.
  • The word seared itself into her brain.
  • Over that will the train hurl itself into annihilation.
  • The handkerchief was resolving itself into shreds.
  • It divides itself into three parts.
  • Love made itself into hooks and bands.
  • His curiosity put itself into a question.
  • Love made itself into bonds and bands.
  • Again a question insinuated itself into her mind.
  • At last impossibility shaped itself into a plan.
  • The stay resolved itself into much more than that period.
  • It shaped itself into an outspoken discourse in his mind.
  • His bitter sneer hissed itself into the night.
  • The subject divides itself into two parts.
  • Mind collects itself into its inward free actuality.
  • The page resolved itself into a thick mass of black.
  • But my sleep resolved itself into a series of cat-naps.
  • I read it, but it did not burn itself into my soul.
  • A minute passed; and another ticked itself into eternity.
  • This work divides itself into two parts: 1.
  • The first inquiry resolves itself into three heads: 1.
  • The class had divided itself into three "messes" for lunch.
  • A wood screw, when turned, forces itself into wood.
  • But now another problem had intruded itself into his schedule.
  • Imagine a rhinoceros thinking itself into the experiences of a skylark!
  • For the faculty itself will not by its own opinion turn itself into such ways.
  • It is better that a crew should row itself into condition than out of it.
  • This resolves itself into a comparison between time and space.
  • Conversation should never resolve itself into controversial debate.
  • Presently the cloud shaped itself into recognisable distinctness.
  • What was loneliness before had miraculously translated itself into peace.
  • Under their orders the pushing throng sorted itself into some order.
  • A strange and appalling thought had forced itself into her head.
  • Therefore the contest resolves itself into a trial of skill and strength.
  • The affair had by now throbbed itself into a question of her physical ease.
  • It is wonderful how much thought will compress itself into a minute.

How To Use Itself Into In A Sentence?

  • Even while the thought forced itself into her mind she resented it and resisted it.
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