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  • You should make two jabs in the air with your forefinger when you quote.
  • The swift cruel jabs here and there upon his body began to tell.
  • He jabs at it once or twice to make it move, but not unkindly.

How To Use Jabs In A Sentence?

  • My friend made one or two final and ineffectual jabs at him, and then gave it up.
  • There were flashes of blue, and long smearing lines of saffron, and quick jabs of green.
  • As you may 'a' noticed, I sometimes poke jabs of fun at women, but I never do at her.
  • At twelve she put on her hat with two jabs of the hat-pins, and hastened to the elevator, exulting in freedom.
  • Mr. Smith, left alone at his table, wrote again furiously, and with vicious little jabs of his pencil. .
  • It was no place now for long swings; McGuire twisted his body and threw his weight into quick short jabs at the faces before him.
  • He jabs at the gravel before him with a cheap cane, and glances sideways at Flo Bates, the young lady from the cash desk.
  • With lightning movements he jabs his great paddle deep into the water and close under the left side of the bow; then with a mighty heave he lifts her head around.

Definition of Jabs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of jab | plural of jab
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